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There is no substitute for a well-balanced healthy diet, fresh clean air, water, and exercise. Radiant Light Nutrition is licensed to distribute nutritional supplements, foods and wellness products manufactured by Quantum Nutrition Labs, Austin, Texas, USA yoga and meditation retreat. Bob Marshall, the founder of Quantum Nutrition Labs, is a certified and internationally trained clinical nutritionist and has a PhD in biochemistry.

Bob Marshall was previously the president of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and the host of HealthLine , a radio broadcast show aired continuously since HealthLine is currently aired in over 15 states. He is also the author of many research papers and articles. Here is a list of some of Dr. Make sure to rinse canned beans to reduce the sodium content and to freshen up the taste.

You can also try simmering canned and rinsed beans in some vegetable stock to further plump them up and enhance their flavor. Keep some dried beans in your kitchen for whenever you have some extra time to cook.

Dry, uncooked black beans will keep for up to 12 months if stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry and dark place like your cabinet. Cooked black beans should stay fresh for about days, but you can also easily freeze them after cooking them and use them later on. Soaking and sprouting black bean helps to eliminate phytic acid and may greatly increase mineral absorption in addition to making the beans more digestible and less gas-forming.

A diet high in phytic acid can potentially create mineral deficiencies and even lead to bone loss and osteoporosis. Many of the vitamins and minerals that are naturally found in beans are actually bound to phytic acid so it is difficult to absorb them.

Phytic acid not only decreases the available minerals in your food, but can also leach minerals from your bones and teeth where they are stored. In order to avoid consuming too high of levels of phytic acid, its best to buy organic beans that are also labeled GMO free, since phytic acid is much higher in foods grown using modern high-phosphate fertilizers than those grown in natural compost. Studies have showed that consuming soaked and sprouted beans, which are close to beans in their raw form and require less cooking times, keeps more of the beans antioxidants in fact http: Black beans have a hearty, meaty texture that can also be creamy when they are cooked.

They have a smoky and slightly sweet but versatile taste when they are mature and fully cooked, which is why they are often used as a meat substitute in many vegetarian and vegan dishes. Some people describe their taste as being similar to mushrooms, another popular meat substitute.

Many cultures use to keep and consume the boiled water of black beans after preparing them, since it becomes thick and black, taking on a starchy taste and texture that can be added to soups or rice.

The cooking liquid of black beans is mixed with seasoning and consumed as a broth in many Latin natures. Black beans also contain certain chemical compounds call purines , which are found in many different types of plant and animal-based foods.

Purines can turn into uric acid within the body when high levels are consumed, which can result in problems for people who do not process uric acid well. Gout and kidney stones are two conditions that result from excess accumulation of uric acid within the body , therefore people with these conditions should avoid consuming high levels of purine-foods. Some research points to the fact that beans and other plant foods do not raise as much of a threat of increasing uric acid as animal-based foods do, although more research is still needed on the topic.

If you experience any condition related to high uric acid build-up, you will want to speak to your doctor about your specific dietary choices. Some people experience digestive discomfort when eating beans, due to their high fiber and starch content. If this happens to you, try preparing beans from scratch dried form and soaking them overnight first. This helps to cut down on certain compounds that can cause digestive problems including gas and bloating. What is your favorite way to enjoy black beans nutrition?

From the sound of it, you might think leaky gut only affects the digestive system, but in reality it can affect more. Click here to learn more about the webinar. Josh Axe is on a mission to provide you and your family with the highest quality nutrition tips and healthy recipes in the world Food Black Beans Current: Axe on Facebook 27 Dr. Axe on Twitter 1 Dr. Axe on Instagram Dr. Axe on Google Plus Dr.

Axe on Youtube Dr. Axe on Facebook Dr. Axe on Twitter 75 Dr. Axe on Twitter 40 Dr. They are found in whole, fresh foods. Vitamins are absorbed best from dried, fermented, or cooked foods.

All vitamins are groups of related enzymes that function together. Eighteen hundred carotenes and carotinoids contribute to the liver's production of vitamin A, two dozen tocopherols function together as vitamin E, and only when ascorbic acid is joined by bioflavonoids and carotenes does it function as vitamin C.

Healthy diets supply adequate vitamins so long as refined foods are rarely eaten. When vitamins are synthesized in the laboratory, their complexity is reduced to one active ingredient. In situations of impoverishment and famine, supplements have health benefits. They do not replace healthy food, however, and long-term use of vitamin supplements poses health risks including more aggressive cancers alpha tocopherol , faster growing cancers ascorbic acid , and increased risk of cancer and heart disease beta carotene.

Minerals Minerals are inorganic compounds found in all plant and animal tissues as well as bones, hair, teeth, finger and toenails, and, of course, rocks. Minerals are also found in, and critical for, optimum functioning of the nervous, immune, and hormonal systems, and all muscles, including the heart.

Our need for some minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, manganese, and calcium, is large. But for trace minerals, such as selenium, iodine, molybdenum, boron, silicon, and germanium, our needs are minuscule. Overuse of chemical fertilizers reduces mineral content. According to US Department of Agriculture figures, during the period , the amount of calcium in fruits and vegetables declined an average of 30 percent. In white rice, calcium declined Seaweeds and herbs are dependable mineral sources when eaten, brewed one ounce dried herbs steeped four hours in a quart of boiling water in a tightly covered jar , or infused into vinegar, rather than taken in capsules or tinctures.

Many herbs, such as dandelion l-eaves, peppermint, red clover blossoms, stinging nettle, and oatstraw, are exceptional sources of minerals, according to researchers Mark Pedersen, Paul Bergner, and the USDA. Phytochemicals Individual nutrients can be created in the laboratory, but they are unlikely to have the life-giving, spirit-enhancing properties of real foods.

Hundreds of different chemicals occur naturally in foodstuffs, many of which avert cancer, promote cardiovascular health, improve sexual functioning, enhance energy, and promote longevity.

Primary among these c-hemicals, especially for w-omen, is the class of compounds known as phytoestrogens. When phytoestrogens are plentiful in the diet, breast cancer incidence is lowered significantly. Phytoestrogens probably also help prevent osteoporosis, high blood pressure, congestive heart disease, and senility.

Whole grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits are high in phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogen-rich diets also protect against the harmful effects of estrogen-mimicking chemicals in the environment and in our food. Nutrition Almanac, 3rd Edition. Present Knowledge in Nutrition, 7th Edition. International Life Science Press, Nutritional Value of Foods in Common Units. Original by the USDA, How the encounter between the New World and the Old changed the way everyone on the planet eats.

How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World. Ash Tree Publishing, The Wellness Encyclopedia of Food and Nutrition.

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