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Easy Pressure Cooker Beef and Broccoli Recipe Ingredients:

The 7 Day Fat Loss Meal Plan—Week 1
I like putting on different hats every now and then. Clif Builder's chocolate mint bars. Just wondering how you set it for 0 minutes, how does that work?? Elle December 16, If you prefer, you can use warm water also.

Easy Pressure Cooker Beef and Broccoli Recipe Instructions:

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Larger, athletic kids should aim for the higher range. Each day in a seven-day meal plan should include a balance of foods to ensure adequate nutrient intake. If your child needs fewer calories, aim for the lower-serving range. A child needs between 4 and 10 ounces of grains -- half of which should be whole grains -- a day. Double these veggie servings for kids eating 3, calories per day.

For proteins, like meats, fish and poultry, plan for between 3 and 7 ounces of lean protein, such as fish and poultry, daily. A healthy week's worth of meals includes breakfasts, such as whole-grain toast with nut butter and apple slices; oatmeal with berries and milk; scrambled eggs with diced bell pepper and percent orange juice; or whole-grain pancakes with low-fat yogurt.

Serve protein-filled hardboiled eggs with a whole-wheat bagel, or blend a smoothie using milk and frozen, unsweetened fruit. For a quick and easy meal, pour milk over whole-grain, low-sugar cereal. Lunches might include fresh turkey or roast beef on whole grain bread; low-sodium vegetable soup; a whole-grain pita with hummus; peanut butter on whole wheat bread with bananas; or low-fat cheese with whole-grain crackers.

Serve carrot and celery sticks, grape tomatoes, a handful of grapes, low-fat yogurt or unsalted almonds on the side or as snacks. Skip soda and juice drinks -- serve water instead. For dinner, transform kid-friendly favorites to fit your healthy plan. Make pizza with a whole-wheat crust and top with veggies and low-fat cheese. Add steamed broccoli to whole-wheat spaghetti; Grill, instead of fry, chicken and serve with a baked potato topped with mild salsa.

Wrap lean seared flank steak in a whole-wheat tortilla, and offer avocado dip and baked chips on the side. For burgers, use lean ground turkey or beef and serve in a whole-wheat bun, alongside cut-up veggies instead of fries.

Sit down as a family to plan the week's meals. Whole wheat cupcakes, in my estimation, shall remain unwelcome to the cupcake lexicon. If you do this, simply by leaving them out for half an hour, then churning out a beautiful frosting is easier than pie.

The last, and least important, personal flair I gave these cupcakes was a drop of honey to the frosting instead of vanilla extract. Preheat oven to degrees. In a mixing bowl, beat together the butter and sugar for the cupcakes only. Add egg and beat until fully blended and creamy. Combine the flour, baking soda, cocoa powder and salt in a separate bowl. Gradually add flour mixture to butter mixture, alternately adding the milk gradually. Divide equally among six cupcake liners in a muffin tray.

Bake about minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of a cupcake comes out clean. Beat the butter and cream cheese for the frosting.

Crumble one of the bacon strips and beat it into the frosting. Once cupcakes are cool, spread the frosting on top of each one. Crumble the remaining bacon strip, and sprinkle on the tops. The only thing one could vouch for here health-wise is a bit of antioxidants found in dark chocolate. Have you tried whole-wheat pastry flour? The bacon is a perfect balance for the sweet icing, and adds a bit of nice texture, too.

Or am I just missing it? I just took out some stray words — sorry about that, and thanks! Now that is a great suggestion! Bacon is rumored to be the downfall of many self-imposed herbivorous diets. So is my salivating over this idea kinda like thinking dirty thoughts in church? Am I one step closer to eternal damnation? This is definitely going on my to-do list. I am usually not a big fan of mixing savory and sweet but this looks pretty good.

I may have to give these a shot. I like the idea of the honey in the frosting, too. I just read something yesterday about bacon making ever non-dessert food taste better. I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

How about substituting the rendered bacon fat for the butter in the the frosting? It would give a much more bacony flavor and it basically the same nutrition wise.

Indeed, so many entries blurred the line between savory and sweet. Among the many […]. But if you want to try them at home, here is the recipe.

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