Is it ok to drink slim fast shakes while pregnant?

Slimfast and pregnant.

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Check it out, I love it! What should I do? There is nothing wrong with drinking it, as long as you're not trying to lose weight with it, and as long as you're using it as a supplement to healthy eating, not as a replacement for healthy eating. Losing weight while you're pregnant is generally not advised by medical professionals — even overweight and obese women are almost always advised to gain weight during pregnancy. I hope this helps.

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Plexus slim while pregnant

I am off to try to get a good nights sleep so I can hopefully feel good tomorrow. I was craving junk food and fast food but it was making my stomach hurt.

Lately I've been on a pineapple, grape, and veggies kick. Get yogurt, cottage cheese, maybe some protein bars I love Luna bars and Special K bars and Slim Fast Shakes , whole wheat pasta and breads, etc.

From there, keep a food log. I used one at s park p eople no spaces which allows you to also track your exercise. They will tailor meal plans for your specific caloric needs. You don't have to get obsessive, just try this for a couple weeks to see where you are at calorie-wise and to see how much fiber, fat, carbs, etc. Hi, I'm new to this app, I'm 39 and have had a baby almost 6weeks ago, Id say I want to lose my baby weight but I suffered from horrendous morning sickness and total lack of appetite while pregnant so I'm a whole stone lighter than before I fell pregnant.

I do however want to lose the rest of the weight I gained since meeting and marrying my husband. I'm following the biggest loser eating plan. I realize they don't have a lot of calories and I don't drink them for that reason, it's just that I like the taste and they do have some vitamins and minerals don't quote me on this. My husband is big on Carnation Instant Breakfast. Maybe you could drink something like that if you can't bring yourself to eat. I didn't gain with my son till 20 weeks and was just fine.

I actually would drink slim fast shakes with my son and add in fruit and mix it in the blender with ice to make it like a thick shake. It was good because there are so many nutrients in there. I didn't replace meals, but that was all I could handle in the morning. I did run it by my Dr. Hydroxycut make me so nausuas and continuous bowel movement and gassy, but now I'm trying slimquick. And this one doesn't affect how I feel at all. I love the diet and exercise regiment but I am starting in the second level since I am a pro at working out I haven't seen any results yet but it's only been a week and I was not following the regimen at all.

So I guess that the real secret is following the regiment and perhaps our bodies do need to ajust to the pill working. What are you on and how much of it. Does your ob know. I weigh lbs and can't seem to lose the weight. I went on the slim fast diet and stuck completely to that diet. I was going to the gym every night and working out for an hour. I am and would drink bottles of water all day long.

When I had mine I did research and there are quite a few people that have gotten pregnant while it was still in. Have you checked the string to see if it's still in place? You said that your last AF was the beging of Oct?

How many days late are you? In most cases you can take the test the first day of missed Af. But the longer you wait the more chances of getting a correct answer. I went home and this went on for two hours and got worse. I got the shakes , felt a burning down through my arms and couldn't focus on anything.

I was nauseous and pacing, and then tried to sleep to get rid of the thoughts and sensations. I slept for three days straight almost, every time I woke up the burning sensation and the thoughts of going crazy would return immediately, and I would try to sleep as soon as i felt them coming.

They said it shouldn't stop me from getting pregnant , but it'll just be harder to get pregnant. I'm just as frustrated as you are. It always frustrates me to no end when I see teenagers getting pregnant, and they can't financially afford the child As much as I feel like giving up, I just gotta believe that it's coming soon.

We are thinking about looking into adoption, but I really want a child of my own as well. The rule of thumb in exercise is this.

Exercising at a fast aerobic pace will burn fat, exercising slowly will build muscle. If you combine the two, weight is maintained. When a woman hits the age of 30, the body will gain about 5 pounds.

This increase is due to the body beginning to shift hormonal balance. Women who exercise alot may begin peri-menopause as early as 30 where you experience some weight gain, mood swings, and changes in the period. You can exercise while taking the B12 with Lipotropics for weightloss, in fact it's highly recommended.

It's an awesome tool to help with fat breakdown and flushing the system. I had looked at HCG at one point and didn't feel comfortable, then after seeing the video blogs on mydietsolutions website, now I know why. I'm so glad I went the B12 Lipotropics route instead! Good luck to you. I started slimfast last week so this is my 2nd week doing it and i'm enjoying it and loosing weight, so i was going to start doing loads of exercise like the rowing machine, trampoline and weights but i did a random test this morning and found out i'm pregnant so i'm not doing that now lol.

I would call your physician and ask them if it's ok to continue with the slimfast. I personally don't see a problem with it right now anyhow. But don;t take my word for it! I was thinking about doing slim fast a while back when i first expected that i was pregnant. Is it really necessary for you to lose weight now? I would def recommend speaking to your Dr - there may be an alternative to the slim fast or an exercise diet programme especially tailored for pregancy.

I would stop the slim fast until you have spoken to your GP. Best to be safe than sorry x. If you burn off more then you consume, you will lose weight. I assume you don't want to lose weight, right? Slim fast is packed full of all kinds of healthy stuff. How many calories do you personally need to maintain your weight? If your not sure, there are tons of calorie calculators out there. It will be based on your age, weight, height and activity level.

If you stay at that number you won't lose weight. I don't see a problem with that, just don't go below that number. When you get into your 2nd trimester I believe calorie intake should increase by about calories a day for 1 baby and calories for twins. Either way you should still consult your physician.

I personally would'nt do slimfast, I read that its not recommended in pregnancy due to the baby not getting the right nutrients. I go to slimming world and can carry on with that as long as I told my midwife and got her to sign a form. I was on slimfast when I got pregnant with my second baby; now I think it was the fact I just lose weight in early pregnancy that was causing the successful weight loss as opposed to the slim fast!

I only realised I was pregnant at about 7 or 8 weeks and was really worried but he came to no harm; I stopped it immediately though when I found out. I am overweight but while I try to eat healthily in pregnancy and I tend to crave healthier stuff anyway I don't think its wise to deliberately try to lose weight.