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Nutrisystem Review & Latest Coupons
Stock your pantry right. Creative Wear Reveals in an accurate and timely manner whether any creative is wearing with consumers and at what rate. Someone from our sales team will be in touch with you soon. This range will vary with each person's body weight. Learn to identify carb amounts in foods. Its crumbly, chewy texture and mild flavor make it a perfect meat substitute for vegetarians.

Papa John's Menu Nutrition

Welcome to Black Bear Diner

Winner Winner Burrito Dinner. The classic Joey always hits the spot. Cover your ears, but definitely open your mouth to enjoy all the bowl'd southwest flavor of this burrito bowl. If you don't wanna be Wrong Doug, then you don't wanna be right with this pocketful of awesomeness. The first rule of Chicken Club is don't talk about Chicken Club. The only problem is it's soooo good! That's a beautiful name. And a beautiful quesadilla.

Have you tried our Nachos yet? You'd be a lot cooler if you did. Served with Moe's Famous Queso, your choice of protein, beans and pico de gallo. You'll whisper sweet nothings all day about this unbelievable salad. The awesomeness doesn't stop with adults. Your taste buds have escaped death once before. Maybe they can do it again. The Space B'Green Us. Creamy with a little kick, you just might think this salsa is wearing space pants.

The one, the only. Seriously, you can only get this refreshing drink at Moe's. Our attention scores track every ad to assess performance and creative wear.

Multi-touch attribution platform for connecting TV ad exposures to sales with granular and actionable insights into how TV drives conversions. Powerful engagement metrics reveal how audiences are engaging with every TV ad across earned social and video.

Attention Score Measures the propensity of consumers to interrupt ad play on TV, such as changing the channel, fast-forward, etc. The higher the score, the less interruption. Creative Wear Reveals in an accurate and timely manner whether any creative is wearing with consumers and at what rate.

Attention Index The positive or negative deviation of an attention score, when compared against the industry average. Conversion Rate The relative conversion rate driven by every creative, network, program or daypart.

Highly granular, actionable and in real-time. Optimal Frequency TV is a frequency medium. Discover your optimal frequency for conversions and optimize your TV to maximize conversions and minimize waste. Segment Reach See which segments are responding to your TV ads by analyzing current reach and conversion rates.

Segment-based Reach Recommendations Reach more of your target customers and segments with network level recommendations by show and daypart showing you where to initiate, maintain, and increase your ad buys. Airings Real-time airings, networks, shows, show genre, dayparts, pod positions, and more, for any creative! Estimated Spend Identify valuable media buys based on actual CPMs and dollar amounts spent by thousands of advertisers.

Every week iSpot ranks the top 10 most engaging ads of the week as measured by our Engagement Analytics online buzz. Learn about the state of TV advertising with our free reports, insights, and industry news.

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