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HANOVER, New Hampshire The ultimate college town, with Dartmouth's handsome 18th-century buildings extending from the campus green to awninged shops lining main street—plus enough artsy free-thinkers to be an honorary member of Vermont. Florence exploded into a potentially catastrophic hurricane Mon No changes for models have been announced. A heavy-duty response already is slogging through heavy rains and floodwaters to help people trapped or displaced by Florence's watery onslaught. Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka; Representative director and president:

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A series of gas explosions killed a teen and left at least 10 other people injured, one critically, and ignited fires in at least 39 homes in three communities north of Boston on Thursday. Authorities say an undercover police officer was shot in the head and a member of a violent robbery crew was killed in an exchange of gunfire when a police unit disrupted the robbery of patrons at a Fort Worth bar.

A man and woman in southern Minnesota are accused of dropping off a 5-year-old boy in the woods as punishment for wetting himself. Attorneys for the family of a man who was killed by a Dallas police officer who said she mistook his apartment for her own say investigators immediately looked for information that would "assassinate" the man's Attorneys for the family of a man who was killed by a Dallas police officer who said she mistook his apartment for her own say investigators immediately looked for information that would "assassinate" the man's character.

A San Francisco board has decided to remove the 19th-century statue Crews have removed a 19th century statue near San Francisco's City Hall that some have said is racist and demeaning to indigenous people. Thursday, September 13 1: A years-long effort to remove Olympic National Park of its mountain goats got under way this week as officials began capturing and relocating them by helicopter.

Friday, September 14 6: A fallen tree is shown after it crashed through the home where a woman and her baby were killed in Wilmington, N. A mother and baby killed when a tree smashed into their house are among several deaths caused by Hurricane Florence.

The trial of a Chicago cop charged with murder in the shooting of a black teen shines a spotlight on a troubled force accused of bias, excessive force and a code of silence.

The police superintendent says mistakes The police superintendent says mistakes have been made but reform is underway. Attorneys for the family of a man who was killed in his own apartment by a Dallas police officer blasted the investigation on Friday, denouncing it as a one-sided effort to clear the officer of wrongdoing. Authorities in Alaska say a year-old girl has been found dead Friday, Sept. Authorities have arrested a year-old man in connection with the disappearance of a year-old girl whose body was discovered near her hometown.

Friday, September 14 2: The National Hurricane Center says that "catastrophic" freshwater flooding is expected over portions of the Carolinas as Hurricane Florence inches closer to the U. Jerry Brown started his global climate summit in San Francisco by saying that President Donald Trump will likely be remembered as a liar and a fool when it comes to the environment.

Hurricane Florence already has inundated coastal streets with ocean water and left tens of thousands without power, and forecasters say the worst is to come.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego has added eight priests to the list of those believed to have molested children. Investigation finds firefighter battling California wildfire was killed when flame-suppressing liquid was dropped from flying only feet above the treetops.

Friday, September 14 9: In this Thursday, Sept. A fast-moving Utah wildfire fanned by high-winds has more than doubled in size as it burns through dry terrain and forces evacuations of hundreds of homes.

A judge is urging a government lawyer to clear the schedule of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross for a day so he can be asked why he wants to add a citizenship question to the census. Portland State University has released body camera video from two campus police officers who fatally shot a black man outside a downtown bar.

Interior Department says it will go ahead with plans to open a wildlife refuge at the site of a former nuclear weapons plant in Colorado, after briefly putting the opening on hold amid safety concerns. Friday, September 14 1: Hurricane Florence's winds may have weakened, but this is still no "minor" storm.

Friday, September 14 7: A federal judge says an agreement that would give many parents and children who were separated at the border is "an excellent proposal. S illegally, and he promises to put a stop to it if he's elected governor. It will be a Virg Hurricane Florence stokes talk of extending college football season.

Members of the North Carolina National Guard finish stacking sand bags under a highway overpass near the Lumber River which is expected to flood from Hurricane Florence's rain in Lumberton, N.

Environmental regulators keep watch on more than three dozen toxic waste sites during hurricane. Thursday, September 13 Montana officials may never know who bankrolled the effort to qualify the Green Party for the ballot.

The grandmother of the black year-old boy who was fatally shot by a white The grandmother of a black year-old who was fatally shot by a white police officer after a suspected robbery is suing the officer, his police chief and the city of Columbus. Thursday, September 13 2: Opponents of grizzly bear hunts planned in Wyoming and Idaho are asking a judge to further delay hunting while he Opponents of grizzly bear hunts in Wyoming and Idaho are asking a judge to delay hunting another two weeks while he considers a request to restore federal protections for the animals.

Waves crash under a pier in Kill Devil Hills, N. Attorneys for a white Chicago police officer charged with murder in the fatal shooting of black teenager Laquan McDonald will stick with jurors selected over recent days for the trial rather than have a judge Attorneys for a white Chicago police officer charged with murder in the fatal shooting of black teenager Laquan McDonald will stick with jurors selected over recent days for the trial rather than have a judge decide the case.

Rhode Island's Roman Catholic bishop says he held a day of prayer and penance to ask God's forgiveness for the sins of sexual abuse committed against children worldwide. Tuesday, September 11 FILE - This March 1, file photo shows a display of various models of semi-automatic rifles at a store in Pennsylvania. Research published Tuesday, Sept.

New research shows active shooters with semi-automatic rifles wound and kill twice as many people as those using non-automatic weapons. Navy's legendary flight performance squadron, fly in formation over Cinderella Castle and the 'Partners' statue at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Long accustomed to its residents evacuating north when hurricanes threaten, Florida is in the unusual position of accommodating diverted cruise ships and hotel-room seekers hoping to escape the wrath of Hurricane Long accustomed to its residents evacuating north when hurricanes threaten, Florida is in the unusual position of accommodating diverted cruise ships and hotel-room seekers hoping to escape the wrath of Hurricane Florence.

Officials at the Grand Canyon say a bat collected from near the Colorado River has tested positive for rabies. The Detroit police chief says a man has been arrested in the death of a 5-year-old girl who was fatally shot while in bed with her mother. The residents of a tiny town in South Carolina who rebuilt after an inland flood from a hurricane destroyed 90 percent of the No place in South Carolina is more worried about the possibility of disastrous inland flooding from Hurricane Florence's heavy rain than Nichols, South Carolina.

Thursday, September 13 8: The Stars Group has launched mobile sports betting in New Jersey, the latest online gambling company to do so in the rapidly expanding market. Democrats running for attorney general in New York primary see common foe: Elizabeth Smart arrives for a news conference Thursday, Sept.

Smart says it appears there is no viable, legal recourse she can take to stop the release of one of her kidnappers. Smart said at a news Elizabeth Smart said Thursday the news that one of her kidnappers will be released from prison next week was "a big shock," and she hopes there is a way the woman can be committed to a treatment facility.

Tuesday, September 11 2: In this Wednesday, Aug. Nearly 20 percent of the marijuana and marijuana products tested in California for poten Thursday, September 13 6: One person was killed and others were injured after a mass of explosions and structure fires in three Massachusetts towns Thursday. Thursday, September 13 7: Emergency crews are responding to what they believe is a series of gas explosions that ha At least four people are being treated for injuries after a series of fires north of Boston that authorities blame on a natural gas issue.

Researchers have warned that many popular free mobile apps aimed at children are potentially violating a U. Thursday, September 13 9: The police chief of a barrier island in the bullseye of Hurricane Florence is warning any stragglers who refused to evacuate that they are making a dangerous choice. Former President Barack Obama says he has a simple message headed into the fall midterm elections: There was no immediate word on what sparked the shootings that took place at a home and a business in Bakersfield, CA.

Obama will receive a medal for the Paul H. Douglas Award for Et Sand bags surround homes on North Topsail Beach, N. For barrier island homes that survive Florence's assault on the Carolina coast, it's only a matter of time as they face a disastrous long-term threat of sea level rise. A home on Kahekili Highway near the Waihee River Bridge, was evacuated after a flash flood breached the property on Wednesday afternoon, Sept.

Maui County says several ho A gradually weakening tropical storm hit Hawaii on Wednesday, soaking a part of Maui and sending gusts of wind that toppled trees and cancelled flights at a number of airports in the state.

Democratic attorneys general from 19 states and the District of Columbia have won a case against U. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos over her decision to suspend rules meant to protect students from abuse by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos over her decision to suspend rules meant to protect students from abuse by for-profit colleges.

Time nearly up to get out of the way of Hurricane Florence, a monster of a storm that has a region of more than 10 million people in its sights. Paul Mosley during a traffic stop outsid An arrest warrant has been issued for an Arizona state lawmaker who attracted national headlines after a video captured him bragging about driving over mph this year.

Jean was fatally shot Sept. A funeral is scheduled Thursday for a black man killed in his home by a Dallas police officer who says she mistook his residence for her own. The last two jurors in the murder trial of a white Chicago police officer charged in the shooting death of black teen Laquan McDonald have been selected, opening statements expected next week.

Wanda Barzee, a woman convicted of helping a former street preacher kidnap Smart in will Elizabeth Smart is asking authorities to reconsider the planned release of one of her kidnappers, saying Wanda Barzee remains a threat to her. Thursday, September 13 5: How storm surges form, then destroy and kill. The Trump administration has agreed to reconsider asylum claims of many parents and children who were separated at the U.

A storm front passes homes in North Topsail Beach, N. Hurricane Florence is being called a once-in-a-lifetime storm for threatening to cause historic flooding, blow catastrophic winds and idle for days over the Carolinas and the Mid-Atlantic.

Even after Hurricane Florence, barrier islands are still doomed by rising sea level. In this Wednesday, Sept. O'Neill thought a long time about evacuating from Hurricane Fl Family's dilemma to stay home or flee from Hurricane Florence comes down to money.

Alaska State Troopers via AP. A search that includ It was finding your site that got me to write my first response. Thanks again for all you hard work, have a blast wherever you are and keep it up.

With the clear emphasis on re-establishing the run and the lack of replenishing the receiving options, one has to wonder if Seattle will be willing to pay top dollar to Wilson.

If they were going to do that, I think they should have done it this year. Cleveland could have offered a very nice draft package.

If you think Wilson is worth top dollar, then why are questioning whether or not they could trade him in a quarterback hungry league? Fixing the run helps Russ WAY more than adding a few day 2 or targets would.

I think these moves are geared towards getting the very best out of Wilson — a trade is genuinely out of the question. You are correct that our receivers were called pedestrian, but would anyone still agree in retrospect? I do agree that fixing the running game helps Wilson immensely. And I too am excited for McKissic this year. A good running game makes Wilson better. I think the passing game will be better with a fixed running game. I have been saying that for 3 straight days. However, I think that in order to have a good passing game, a team also needs receiving weapons.

Ok, I get where you are coming from now. Lockett was not himself last year, imo. But Russ has been rather productive with subpar overall receiving talent for years. I think Russ is going to do just fine. I think he would have done even better if Seattle had gotten him true WR2 somehow, or at least made an attempt. This draft has left me with a feeling of doom about Seattle extending Wilson. The other WRs on the roster are just thrown on the wall to see if any stick.

I was hoping as he fell that high ceiling low floor Equanimous St. Brown might be a late pick. As of now, they have: Lockett is healthy and going into year 4. PRich and Lockett started to come on toward the end of their rookie years. A guy like St. Guys like him and Taj Williams take time to develop. It was a pretty underwhelming WR class this year, and Seattle acted like they knew that. These guys are more veteran than Darboh and company and are young still, fast, hungry to prove they are starting wide receivers.

I think Schott will get the going and Lockett was returning to form at the end of last year with angry Doug being himself we will be better than fine. Penny and the new blocking TEs will make double TE sets very hard to stop. Another thing I wanted to point out is that Vanett our third round TE from a couple of years ago is going to be our best catching TE.

He and Wilson already been throwing together for months and their connection will grow. I believe it goes contrary to how they believe a team should be built.

This year would have been the ideal year to trade Russell though- a bunch of highly rated QBs in the draft, teams with multiple picks who needed a QB, a year left on his contract- will those conditions repeat closely enough next year?

I think they keep Russell. Seattle let his number 2 and 3 receiving targets walk in yet spent no draft capital to replace them. Seattle spends its entire draft on the run game primarily , defense, a punter, and a bigger, cheaper version of Wilson.

Unless one is counting Jones, who seems unlikely to see the field unless he gets better at, you guessed it, run blocking. Seattle fires Bevell and Cable, probably because they failed to produce a run game, and brings in Schottenheimer and Solari, two coaches known specifically for their success producing solid rushing games. About their hire, Carroll says this: Even if one concludes that it was really about the entire offense, it is still far from a ringing endorsement of the quarterback.

Russ is all about preparation and he knows he has the perfect fit in Seattle. He will get what a super stud qb will get on the market and long term. He is a proven SB winning qb in his prim with another decade easy barring injuries. I am not worried about it at all. Wilson will take us back to the playoffs regularly and win us some more SBs. I think the only guy we would have taken if he was there is Wyatt Teller over Jamarco Jones. While I agree about ET, there is something to be said about another year of production.

I wonder if Shaquem could wind up being a pro bowl gunner. Special teams could be his calling. It was a huge haul or nothing for Earl! For WR, Keith Kirkwood. Holton Hill is still there too, but it looks like the off-field stuff was significant if no team has taken even a late-round chance on his talent. They do this every year. At this point, might be safer to use him as a WR, just a matter of health. But they must also see something in the guys they drafted last year or they would have picked a WR somewhere this year.

He seems pretty athletic and is physical from what I have seen as well. The great thing with him is that he can be a great special teamer while Pete is moulding him into a Hawks CB. Nikko Thorpe might be in tough for a roster spot. I can almost imagine Pete taking him away and spending the whole year building him into some kind of CB monster. I want to say Thorpe probably got bumped with the Dontae Johnson signing. Additionally, we might as well say goodbye now to our longest tenured Seahawk, Jon Ryan.

I think Seattle drafted really well; looking forward to seeing their UDFAs because they always seem to find players there. Jamarco Jones was a steal. Some time in weight room will really help him. Was it just because he had a really crappy combine?

Extremely poor showing at the combine. Awful athlete, but good technique. Orlando Brown had a well documented historically crappy combine, but Baltimore still picked him in the 3rd round. How he got drafted? The Patriots drafted him to the same parameters as Brady.

Decent arm, no nonsense approach, durable. They drafted Braxton Berrios as a slot target for the same parameters as Danny Amendola. They always do, the difference between them and us, is they know when to let go of guys we still have not mastered that part. He gets more out of finding undervalued vets than he does from drafting particularly well.

They do absolutely avoid the mistake of being too tied to guys and either keeping them too long or paying them too much. I have to admit this is my favourite Hawks draft in 5 years by a wide margin. They drafted high quality, high character low drama players who will have an immediate impact. I think every guy they picked has a legit chance to be on the roster. Add the signing of Maxwell and it was a awesome weekend for the Hawks.

Now they have to nail the UDFA market. If they do we are set up for an awesome high energy, ultra competitive training camp. Minimal dead money for and Why would they pay him way over market value for the position? Safeties are simply not getting that kind of money. Agree — His skills are critical to the PC defensive scheme.

We need a few more years to find an heir to the throne of King Earl FYI he wore crown at his wedding: Every year when a guy gets picked it goes something like…. I liked the sbnation piece on draft hell but I definitely felt personally attacked with the Dante Allegheri-style tortured soul they painted draftniks as.

I feel they did well when factoring in they had no picks in rounds coming into the draft. I like the upside with the 3rd round pick. It was a long-term thinking pick in getting a guy much earlier than he would have been taken in the future.

The Griffin pick is one that simply had to be made. Looks like ST are going to be vastly improved in every area next year and it needed to be. I believe they will flourish in this role and because of that — do not be overly surprised to see them playing in Atlanta next February. He flashed at times. Have to do some more work on him. Any idea on his arm length and 10yd split. He had a good Shrine game too…. He has some legit pass rush moves. He can dip and bend outside, which sets up a nasty inside cut with a clear line to the QB.

Rashaad Penny RB 2. Duane Brown T 3. Rasheem Green DE 4. Will Dissly TE 5. Shaquem Griffin LB 5. Tre Flowers CB 5. Michael Dickson P 5. Jamarco Jones T 6. Jacob Martin DE 7. Basically like we traded our 3rd this year to move up in the second and get Brown.

Still better than any wed get this year lol. But of course also much more expensive and likely to fall off the career cliff. But there is certainly a downside to trading away the rights to draft to rookie contract players, especially in a year where the 2nd and 3rd rounds were full of talent.

Germain Ifedi better be working on technique all off season. I love him as an athlete and his upside but with a new OL coach, an athlete like Fant coming back and technician like Jamarco Jones coming in Ifedi is no lock to be the starting RT next year.

I would really like, if Pocic can move to LG. I think, the Jones pick is the transformative last part of the OL puzzle. Braden Smith — my preference — was too costly early R2, in any draft. He will be our Zach Miller. I remember when Zach would make a catch it was like he was in quicksand.

Boy could that guy block though. The thing with Zach was that he was acquired via FA after 4 years of production in Oakland. We then spent a lot of money on him as you do with solid two-way TEs. That is what we did with Dickson, who is by all accounts a very good blocker, and put together some receiving production when Olsen went down. Ed Dickson will be our Zach Miller. Dissly will be our Nick Vannett. A TE lauded for his blocking, Vannett was drafted at the end of Rd 3 after putting up 38 catches his last two seasons.

He is a better athlete than Dissett and has been learning the system for 2 years. Dissett comes in having played TE for 2 years, compiling 25 catches. It is difficult for me to rationalize this pick away as a good one with our Zach Miller Dickson , and our blocking TE Vannett on the roster.

We spent a 4th on a redundant player at a position that we did not have a need at, and where veterans can be had for near the veteran minimum. Dissett would have been easier to stomach in the 6th or 7th for me, but there are still at least a dozen guys I would have rather had at positions of need that had starter upside.

If you look at him as a physical blocker who has a chance to become a much better receiver, it looks like a good pick. Not much digging to be done. Dissly has man strength and good technique. I would have preferred Smythe who I think is the best blocking TE in the class and showed more as a receiver. But Dissley can block too. And looks to have good hands. Penny is my least favorite pick. Leaving the door open that he turns out well.

Were just gonna keep adding almost the same level of talent in udfa too, can not wait for that! Only WR is a bumper. Would have handled the last two picks different, with Ateman, Berrios and Tate on the board, it has to be WR. Trading up AND using a pick on a punter both just seems kind of weird to me. Does make me question the value of the pick and especially burning a pick on the trade up.

He is supposedly the best punter to come out of college in years. If it means we can not have to worry about the position for the next years, are you really going to quibble over a 7th? John Ryan needs competition after a lackluster Ok I understand, but dropping the F-bomb on me as a response to my question gets my blood pressure up. But yes, the idea would be that he has great length and size at a lower height and therefore would win more leverage battles inside.

He gets under the pads of O-line guys and gets after the quarterback. Skylar Phillips and Ponta Ford two nice udfa to come and compete for spots in the trenches. Either guy would have been a good day 3 draft pick.

Guess the Hawks are more confident in their WR group than I am. Really the only are we never addressed. Still a long way to go. If nothing else for competition for the young guys.

Grayson being anywhere other than the practice squad would be a miracle. Need to not count him as anything but a wing and prayer. I want to sign dez or Brandon Marshall on a prove it deal. Ifedi is no lock to be the starter next year IMO he better be having a big off season and ready for camp.

I just think he has to be such a dominant run blocker if he can get his head on straight and technique sorted out. My fingers are crossed he figures it out but I have a feeling he is on a short leash if they are talking about Fant as an RT.

We have some good quality prospects now. We valued him way higher than any other team when he was drafted.

And he has put nothing on film that would have teams give up resources for him. If he was cut, there might be teams willing to give him a chance on a lowball contract, but no one would trade for him. It was also very obvious that she was the boss in that family. Updated UDFA list https: Sebastian Janikowski, Justin Myers, 2 Punter: Jon Ryan, Michael Dickson, 2 Long snapper: Tyler Ott, Tanner Carew, 2.

Jalston Fowler 1 TE: Sebastian Janikowski 1 Punter: Michael Dickson 1 Long snapper: I had Skyler Phillips and Pugh in my mock. Getting them as UDFAs is even better. Best one since I think Penny pans out. Pumphrey also had mega production in that system, including a with over 2, rushing yards.

If you ignore that, and just look at his in a vacuum, he is Melvin Gordon: Agree for the most part. Penny definitely has the size-adjusted speed to make the most of the holes the OL gives him. His excellent production in the return game makes me think that he has excellent vision and the ability to find seams in the defense, which, coupled with the size-adjusted speed 4. Tape, athleticism, and box score all make sense.

I think the special teams stuff, humility, and his durability through all those carries were the big deciders. I also think he accepts 1st round status better than any other back. Maybe Michel is pretty humble bur that ortho grade had to have scared us. Then we can get a steal at the end of the round when everyone else is going DL. If next year really has a crop of big-time defensive line talent, then the premier talent at other positions will fall farther than they really should.

I thought it was easily our biggest position of need outside RB but slightly more than OL and DL , and would have liked to see a big bodied guy. Courtland Sutton if we invested early capital, Equanimeous St. ADB is an elite slot guy, but if none of these guys can stretch the field and make plays deep consistently, this season is going to be a series of long days for Penny and Co. It just feels like we will see another year where RW is either starved for protection along the OL or weapons in his WR corps.

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