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Fat Smash Diet
Eat any amount and any type of fruits or vegetables at your meals as you want, with the exception of avocados and red or white potatoes. I am not sure, but I would think no, since sweet potato just like white potato is high in starch. Can you eat the fruit as a snack between meals? I had been trying to lose weight by working out and cutting back on snacks. The Fat Smash Diet book by Dr. As noted, there is not much information regarding the book on the actual website, but fortunately much has been written about it elsewhere on the internet.

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What Is the First Phase of the Fat Smash Diet?

Thanks for the refresher rules…. And I love to hear people comment on their progress! I know you can do it, since you already did it before and know what to expect.

I am actually thinking about doing the detox, just to jump start the system again and have a good excuse to stay away from the foods that are not so healthy to consume in the first place.

Keep us posted and good luck! Also…even though I wish it were true…no cheese on phase 1 page The list of snacks allowed, in The Fat Smash Diet book,did not group them by phases, but rather designated the proper phase to each snack on the lists.

I separated all these snacks into phases, creating a separate list of all the allowed snacks, for each phase. I was totally confused about your list of phase 1 foods since it is totally different from what is in my book. I originally purchased my book in , and it has since been revised. I did a little google search, and there have been many foods added to phase 1 that were once not allowed. I will probably continue doing phase 1 the original way, even though the new foods are tempting.

I purchased my book in Jan. I plan to do it again later on this spring, and agree with you, I will not change anything. Actually I did not even eat all of the foods he has listed. I have not seen any new updates, and actually am not interested in any, as this diet worked perfectly for me the way it is.

Thank you for stopping by and for your comments. Everyone needs to create their own meal plan, since not everyone likes the same foods. I used lots of brown rice, all kinds of vegetables, fruits, water, oatmeal… If you read the full article, and check out the other list of posts below it, you will see links to the other phases posted. I just completed phase 1 Detox on May 11, For the detox the only information I used was on page of the book. For detox i opted not to use the info on page regarding the snacks.

That was just my choice. Anyways, Exercising everyday for 1 hour my weight was pounds on day 1. I weighed myself on day 10 and my weight was down to So I encourage anyone to discipline themselves for 9 days, and you will see results.

You are a stronger person than I could ever be, since I needed some of the snacks for in between pick-me up. Keep up the great discipline, and good luck with the rest of the program.

Thank you for sharing your encouraging comments. You can also find this book at Barnes and Noble store…and maybe even at the library. Unlimited still has to be a reasonable portion…. I love this diet. I do the phase 1 whenever I need a shock and a metabolism boost. I average lbs lost in the 9 days. I must have coffee in the mornings.

My congratulations to you!!!! I LOVE this diet as well. Question, are veggie burgers ok in phase I? I bought the morning star and love them.. I need to lose about lbs. I have cut out sodas and all other caffeine so hopefully that and the fat smash diet will help. If there are any other ladies out there with PCOS please let me know of any other diets that may help me. Good Luck and happy dieting to all of you. Oh, BTW — there is a support group that gives you helpful hints and menus for each phase of this diet: A year ago I graduated from Nursing school and found I had gained 67 lbs over the last 5 yrs of school.

I had been trying to lose weight by working out and cutting back on snacks. My mother told me about this diet and I started it January 5th As of today, January 28, I have lost 17 lbs.

You are supposed to exercise every day, but I really have only had time to do it 3 times the whole month. Highly likely but possible and it depends on what she ate and how much she exercised. How in hells bells did you lose lbs in three months?!! I hope to lose about 60lbs. You'll need to eat four or five portions of fruits and vegetables, three hours apart. Smith also requires you to drink plenty of water since it has cleansing properties, too.

Always ask your doctor before starting the first phase of the Fat Smash Diet to be sure it's right for you. Restricting your food intake, as well as restricting certain types of food, can cause nutritional deficiencies. Follow your doctor's advice about weight loss and how long, or if, it's safe for you to follow the Detox phase of the diet.

Sara Ipatenco has taught writing, health and nutrition. She started writing in and has been published in Teaching Tolerance magazine. Ipatenco holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in education, both from the University of Denver. Skip to main content. Healthy Eating Diet Fat. Fuhrman's Eat to Live Diet? Foods to Eat and Avoid Fruits and vegetables will make up the bulk of your diet during the Detox phase.

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