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Packaged lettuce for instance seems to go bad very very quickly and though your purchasing a larger package, most of it goes bad before you can use it. I have lost weight already. Here, in a single sentence taken from a recent Wall Street article, is all you really need to know. Because of stress you do put lot of weight and you sugar level varies. Rick December 23, at

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Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

Hi Galia, I read about this a while back but just never took seriously but started this morning then i searched the net and saw your site. I will give you my progress report next week. Should the half you leave for the next day be refridgerated or do we just leave it out on the kitchen bench or in the microwave? I assure you that it will be OK if you just leave it out covered on the kitchen bench or in the microwave for the night.

And Today I plan on starting this cinnamon honey, thing. I hope it works. I will repost next week. Hi I have read cinnamon powder and honey on internet. Today i start to drank it by morning and also before go to bed. May i know whether i can drink one cup with cinnamon and honey by morning and also one cup by night. Please reply as i need to know it.

Hi i am interesting abt cinnamon and honey. It can make me weight loss, true? I have problem fat. I see your point: And you hope for faster and better results…. However, I do not recommend you do that since the first day you start. Start with a half cup at a time. After one week try a full cup of drink for a couple of days.

But if you feel anything strange such as stomach aches or tension- stop immediately and go back to only half cup at a time. Cinnamon is an antioxidant that aids fat burning just like the green tea , so it really can help you. Give it a try and come back here to share your experience. Thank for ur share. I am plan to starting on cinnamon and honey today. May i know if i taking cinnamon and honey with psyllium husk mixture then drink it before breakfast and go to bed.

Taking cinnamon and honey with normal meal 3times a day, not overeating more. I hope it works on me. Hi im interested also in using this honey and cinnamon for weight loss. You are taking honey and cinnamon, eating 3 normal meals a day, without overeating and you are asking me if you gonna lose weight, right? Yes, you can lose weight. Try some extra activity if you can, too. Such as jogging or at least walking more. I have read about honey and cinnamon on the internet and also on this blog..

I already tried using it for almost a month but i did not loss even a single pound i think a gain more.. Hi its been a week that i been drinking honey and cinnamon but nothing has been change in my weight i even reduce a single pounds please help me what to do…i really want to reduce weight!!! I recommend you to read these 10 tips to lose weight by the end of , and I hope you will find what else you need to lose weight, besides the honey and cinnamon.

Is it absolutely necessary to take the cinnamon with the honey? Can I just omit the honey and drink it with water, or add it to my food throughout the day? Will it make any difference? However, the whole idea behind the cinnamon and honey drink is — when you drink it before bed it keeps you from storing fat during the night. The cinnamon is an antioxidant that is actually burning the fat.

Hai this sounds intresting. I have delivery a baby girl september still iam brest feeding. Can i take this cinnoman drink. Can i use it for reducing my weight. Hi, I just wanted to post this link about cinammon. It says the reason why it works is because it lowers blood sugar levels, and yes — you can sprinkle it on your food throughout the day to help you lose weight, in addition to your drink in the am and pm.

It has a much lower GI and will not make your blood sugar rise the way honey will. Actually, it is up to you if you want to filter the mixture. I have already answered to that question above, but I will say it again — the drink needs to brew like a tea, but instead of a couple of minutes like tea, the cinnamon and honey need half an hour. Faithfully 3 times a day, coupled with a sensible diet.

Wasted all my time and money even bought the most expensive honey on the shelf. As for the cinnamon drink — why not. However, you should consult a doctor before start taking it. See what he will say about the breastfeeding and the cinnamon. The effect is subtle and takes some time. I am bit overwieght so thought of implementing plan but one doubt,the mixture what we prepare of one cup in night can we drink half cup in same night and half cup in the next morning.

Means, the drink what we prepare in night the same can we drink in next morning by keeping it over night. You told one cup of water, after boiling one cup or before boiling one cup. Because after boiling the water will be bit reduced, it may not be exact half and it may be more also.

I have read from a variety of places that it is good for weight loss. But I hate the taste of cinnamon and especially cinnamon powder. I tried boiling cinnamon sticks and honey and water and the taste is much better. Any idea of the difference between cinnamon powder and stick? The cinnamon powder is just grinded cinnamon sticks. If you like the taste more that way — it is OK, there is no difference if you take the honey and cinnamon drink with cinnamon powder or sticks.

I kinda like the taste with cinnamon stick boiled in water and then i add honey. But I do feel full of energy. Im a bit confused with the quantity of honey and cinnamon to be used coz this is what i read in another site….

If taken regularly it reduces the weight of even the most obese person. The honey and cinnamon aids in digestion and rids body of stomach related disorders. Take care that you also eat sensibly a balance nutritional diet. Let me start by saying that I too have been drinking this mixture for the past several days. I want real stories here.

This seems to be almost a forgotten thread. Tell us all of your experiences with this tea. If it is cooked, more than what is desired of the helpful indredients are destroyed. Pure Honey is not the same thing as Raw Honey, so beware of that term. It would be a shame for a bunch of people to decide this method did not work because they were using cooked or imitation honey….

Im confused as to if this works or not since some of u are claiming its a hype. Worst case scenario, gainm more weight— how is that possible through cinnamon powder?

Have been using this honey and cinnamon mixture for over a month now but i do not notice any changes. Am really confused as to what is the right way to prepare thi mixture.

Sorry, but so far this seems like nothing but hype. There always seems to be some buts. The moment something else is added such as changing eating habits and additional excercise then the mixture is a hype since all that was needed was to eat less and exercise more to lose the weight.

The mixture would not be necessary. The quantities and doseages given are incorrect. I once lost about 30 pounds by taking 2 capsules of cinnamon before each meal.

It took a while for it to start working but when it did, it really dropped off pretty quickly. If you are going to do the tea method, use a tsp of cinnamon in the morning and again in the evening, preferably before meals. Cinnamon works by 2 mechanisms: It kills candida and any other other fungus in the digestive tract, along with many types of paracites as well.

Hot water must not be poured over honey. One can pour hot water over cinnamon, let it cool a bit, then add honey to the mixture. I have been drinking this cinnamon concoction and must admit that it works wonders. Again after my pregnancy my post pregnancy weight was 79 and it dropped down later to Must say that u got to try it out to belive it!!! Wow saniyah, I am very happy for you! Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us! Could we just add hot water in the cinnamon, and later after cooling happens shall we add honey, so that honey is unaffected with the hot water.

I have just started having this last night after reading about the success stories. I am generally not able to watch my diet so well; but yes I do try and get some exercise. I also am not very overweight.

Just a few extra pounds. Want to lose a few inches, so was wondering if it helps only very obese people? I will definitely post in some update as soon as I see some difference. So can I just make it a little warm again in the morning before having it? So which is the right measurement? The whole point here is to make the honey and cinnamon paste first and then poor the hot water.

Thank you for your question. Did that make any difference for me? Oh yeah, the first couple of weeks like a dream for me. Luckily I was wrong. I used it for over 8 months without any exercises or diets. I am sure that if I practiced some exercising I would keep it more around lbs.

Second to both of you: I know that Bianca have also read about these doubled amounts quite some time ago and asked me the same question which are the right quantities. As most herbal weight loss products are recommended to be taken half to one hour before meal, I think this could work for the honey and cinnamon drink too. Can I try boiling cinnamon sticks in water for 10 minutes then add honey and lime.

Is this usefull and help reducing my weight. Can I drink a cup of this cinnamon-honey recipe in the morning and then eat teaspoons of honey liquid form before bed? Also am I suppose to use liquid or raw honey for this recipe?

Would it work to take 1 tsp of cinnamon, 2 tsp of honey and just drink it without having let it stand or be strained? I am at the moment drinking wuLong woolong tea in the morning and at dinner time 1wk. Wulong is said to be helpful for weight loss. Or is this dangerous? Oh I weigh 77 kg and will post results to clear any doubts. Just give me 2 weeks. I am overweight and trying hard but with no luck????? Can I just simply add honey and cinnamon powder to water not boiled and drink this?

Does it have to be necessarily boiled to have an effect? I am going to start it. My aunt used it in the same way you have mentioned but she had it only once a day 10 minutes before sleeping. She did not measure her weight but she measure her waist and she lost two inches. Muscle weight much more than fat and if you even put on an inch of muscle when you are excercising to lose weight, measure your weight is not the right thing to to measure your progress.

Cinammons flavour has been invented years ago. In cinamon flavoured instant coffee powders etc. And the cinnamon powder that you get in the super markets or packed ones could very well be sawdust that has been coloured and artificially flavoured. I think it is better to get the bark and powder it yourself. Readymade cinnamond powder can be very old lose all its aroma and has to be adultrated in some form or the other. It was in foot long piecies.

And the aroma just fills the whole room. One more thing Cinamon can be confused for cassia and infact many powdered forms use cassia http: I dont think anyone is going to lose weight with this. True cinamon is also known as cylon cinamon.

So avoid anything that is from these countries. Specifically ask for Cylon cinammon. Cinnamomum zeylanicum is the botanical name of the stuff that really works. I request you Galia Ivanova to include the above in your article. Caution them to use only freshly ground cinamon and only Cylon cinnamon. Even pure honey is a key factor. Thanks for the infor Galia Ivanova. I will report my results. I stopped it because i was irregular and I eat a lot. I have eaten it many times.

Once i was on a diet of oily fried stuff for breakfast, tibetean food for lunch with butter tea and lost of snacks and dominos pizzza for dinner. For a week i was busy and went wild with home delivery. I hope there are no side-effects. Please let me know. My concern with the cinnomon is that it lowers blood sugar…So please warn people who have hypoglycemia….

Hi, I am very overweight and need to reduce kgs to reach my ideal weight. Plz let me know what is the timeline I should look forward to reduce 22kgs by using cinamon — honey method. Also I am unable to workout due to my very tight schedule. Hey Sapta, I read your comment and i think this could better help you check this link: These diets can help you lose up to 20 lbs a month.

Hi everyone, Im not sure of the honey-cinnamon drink but try this positrim drink which is a meal replacement drink. It flushes away water from your body and helps in weight management. You have to anyhow exercise while taking this drink. I lost 3 kgs in one month.

Hope it helps everyone. I just wanted to let you know what I found today. Please, have a look and let me know what you think. I wld like to know how many pieces of kodumpuli that you eat before every meal. Pls elaborate on that.

I have just started this last week. Is it ok to drink the preparation without filtering?? I also heard plain tea with a piece of ground ginger juice in the night helps to cut fat and reduce weight quickly…hello there any one any comments advice on this: Hi…… I have just started to drink the mixture from yesterday. I have lots of hope from this mixture. Means the mixture has to be taken before half an hour of breakfast and is there any restriction for eating.

As per my requirement i eat no over eating. You are not doing anything wrong, just give yourself more time — one week is way too short. I am happy for you. I just started the Honey and Cinnamon tea last night.

I am right now. I will post as my weight drops. Hi, my question is about the preperation. Hi there, Does also eating cinnamon by itself help to lose weight…or is it the combination of the 2? I recently tried mixing cinnamon in with my coffee grinds in the morning before bruing my coffee. It is delicious and has a wonderfull aroma. I looked into the benefits of cinnamon and was excited to see it is a good source fo fiber that prmotes weightloss.

I am going to add this to my diet every day and will tell of my results. I will also only eat calories a day and am trying to get to 30g. I started on this honey and cinnamon last night and had another one this morning on an empty stomach, but i didnt filter it. I also dont know if it is related, but i developed severe headache today. Hi Ghalia, Have read all the comments twice already and further to that need to understand a few things: Thanks to please advise, ASAP.

Thank you in advance for all your advice. Here is the thing. People have problems with weight loss for a variety of reasons.

For some people it is because of eating in excess, thyroid problems, or a number of other health reasons. You need to go to your doctor to find out if your weight problem is due to a medical condition so you can treat your specific problem. As for myself, I have done that and have had a variety of test done and have found out that I have insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome.

In this case cinnamon might help. I just take straight cinnamon in a teaspoon and drink it with water twice a day. It has worked so far for me. That means no candy, chips, cookies, white bread, or other junk food. My diet consist of organic fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grain often not in the form of bread, lean meats, dairy, and limited amounts of fats mostly good fats such as olive oil.

Good luck to those of you who were like me and did what the dietitions told you and exercised and could not lose weight!! I had to do a lot of research on my own and decided for myself I would try eating organic foods, herbs, spices, and keep practicing good eating habits in combination with exercise. It has been a long journey for me and I hope this is a bright new beginning.

I got the recipie from another site where like a previous poster mentioned, the mixture was 2 teaspoons honey and 1 teaspoon cinnamon in a cup of boiling water. I did this every day for two weeks without doing a ton of excersise and lost 15 lbs. I stopped for after 3 weeks and gained 6 pounds. I started working out a few times a week and lost maybe a pound per week.

I felt energetic but I was not losing much weight. I went back to taking the drink and noticed that I was losing 2lbs per week. I made changes to my diet prior to discovering this mixture which was cutting the amount that I ate.

Eating less plus using the mixture gave great results. I have to try cutting out the refined sugar and stick to eating whole grain bread and pasta. I wonder if there are any scientific studies about this that would shed some light on the matter of who would actually benefit from this and to what extent.

My diet is also not rich and i am overweight. I take the drink in the morning plus beforegoing to bed at night. If yes, how does it fare with the Honey cinnamon hot water drink? I m taking this mix for the past 2 weeks. Hi Galia, iam so happy to give this news to you. I read this website about two weeks ago and decided to start this mixture of cinnamon and honey and so fortunately ve already lost 2 kgs for two weeks and i am very very happy.

I am still going on with the paste and hope to loose more as my goal is loosing about six kgs. Thanks galia and stay blessed. I advise everyone to start this immediately it really works. I heard about this cinnamon and honey from my friend who has lost weight because of the mixture. So i have just started it 2days ago. Hope it will work for me. I will post my results soon. I have started taking the mixture but i think i was overdoing it i did one cup in the morning and one cup in the afternoon.

I have developed Flu and headache. So i have decided to do the half cup. Hi i just read a few sites about site diet and i was wondering if making one big batch at once then just re heating a cup at a time would work too?

Am from India and have tried this drink for a month. All i loose is a kg or 2. Scientifically, its said that this drink cleanses your digestive system. So you loose a few pounds, after which it becomes uselss. It really helps with digestions and I have lost about a half pound a day. I am taking Nourkrin for thinning hair and I was wondering if the honey cinammon mixture would be all right to take with it.

I really want to try the honey-cinammon. Does the honey have to be raw honey, or can you use pure honey? Also do you need any particular quality of cinnamon or any will do?

In fact using a coffee filter is not a must, I also have tried an ordinary strainer and it works OK for me. As for the thin cloth it is fine too. Not that is so bad. Hey guys is a must that v filter the mixture and drink or it i fine if v drink the mixture after the felly part settles down?

Please ignore the last post.. Hey guys is it a must that v filter the mixture and drink or is it fine if v drink the mixture after the gelly part settles down? That destroys benefits of honey. Thanks for your hlep. Yeah i have started: Any more updates from you regarding the advantages which u hav felt? I am very much impressed to read your blog. I would like to try today itself. Hi Galia, What i want to know is wat about diabetic patients who a overweight?

Hi Galia, Just read the blog and I too want to try it out. Will keep you posted on my situation. Would like to add that weight today is 90Kgs and my target is to lose between 30 to 35kgs. Wish me luck and God bless.

I see that you both showed interest in what raj said about a fruit called Kodumpulli. Native Southeast Asian fruit. Contains hydroxycitric acid HCA as active compound. HCA acts as a modulator of lipid metabolism meaning that high doses of Garcinia Cambogia extract containing HCA can significantly suppress fat accumulation and accelerates fat break down proved by a study. I managed to find a herbal product that actually contains Garcinia combogia Kodumpulli as its main ingredient along with other herbal ingredients that aid weight loss.

Gonna try this hope it works tonight is the first my question is does any kind of alcoholic drink combine with honey and cinnamon? Example, if I make enough tea to last a week on a Sunday, can I use that tea all week with the same results if I just warm up a cup at a time?

I am having a hard time drinking this tea — the cinnamon is just too much for me. Is it possible to put the honey in hot water, drink it and take 2 cinnamon capsuels? Do you think this would work? I know what you mean. The taste is good the first couple of days and you love it. But then when you get used to it, you start to drink it thinking only about the long lasting funny taste of sweet honey and rich cinnamon flavor in your mouth. I kept telling myself: I ve been reading a lot about the garcinia and found it is effective in weight loss and I ve been using the cinnamon drink daily but not religiously because i have rheumatism and some days it is so bad that I have to take painkillers and several herbal concotions that I ve been advised so i miss out on the drink but it also helps in the desease.

I will now order the product and see because the fruit is not available in my country. I am also following it and trying for a baby as well. HiGalia,i am intrested in kudumpulli,but raj never replied how to take this..

As i got plenty of these i would like to try on kudumpulli. In the morning, when i drink half a cup cinnamon honey water and i go to sleep again and then i drink my tea when i wake up again.

So i was wondering, When is the best time to drink the water? My question is similar to that of Naz, will there be no problem drinking the mixture together without filtering? Dont expect very quick response and each body ahs its own mechanism of responding to such things so to some will be faster but to some twill take time give youself a montha nd you will see a very big difference.

Should the drink be thick or like water. My friend made it and hers was thick and mine was like water? This is to tell you it does work it has taken about 3 weeks but can tell a difference and have more energy than I have in a while. Have been walking 2 miles every day unless it rains sometimes I get 3 but can finally feel like I can honestly say something has helped. Can anybody please tell me if there will be any side-effects or symptoms like body aches when using this method?

He says he is feeling lethargic and he is looking dull. Today he started complaining of body pains. If I had pushed him into trying this I would have thought he is just making excuses. But he started this weight loss program on his own so he really should be feeling bad. Is is common during the initial stage. Any suggestions as to why this might be happening? I am really worried. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Heating will reduce the good enzimes in the honey. If you are using honey that was heated during the packing process the enzimes are already damaged. Please someone tell me as am using it and want to be encouraged,. Geets no the drink gives energy not make you lethargic. Unless he is diabetic because cinnamon lowers blood sugar fast.

Then you can drink the liquid at the top of the container. Tried filtering the tea through natural papertowels over a large wire strainer. I also wanted to debate the poster that thought the more common cinnamon we get in the supermarkets was not the right one—the research I have seen was using the common cinnamon not the fancy TRUE cinnamon.

I have the unpasteurized liquid honey so is that ok to use? Do you know of any harmful effects of drinking down the entire unfiltered, but very flavorful, drink? Also, you should also check out the hibernation diet. I am going to try this starting tonight. I have read that if you buy local honey it can help with seasonal allergies and that is the main thing I was looking for when I did a Google search and found this site.

I want to lose 12 lbs. I do cardio workouts at the gym every day and incorporate resistance training into that when I am home. Muscle weighs more than fat, so I am told that is where most of my weight comes from. Chris from Michigan, here is a link to a honey farm in your state [link deleted by admin]. The ingredients were WV honey, cinnamon oil and cinnamon sticks. No filtering involved either. I just boiled 1 cup of H2O and added about 2 tablespoons of the honey and stirred it up.

It was so easy and fast to make it with the cinnamon already in the honey. I think that this remedy works. I have been drinking this for a week and I do love the energy it gives. The most important thing for me is that it is working. On the road to lose 80 lbs.

I've lost 28 after only 6 weeks. The food is not fine dining but it is good enough and with enough variety to not be boring. Some of the food is quite tasty and others only rate around good but, for me, that is not the point. The point is that now most of the time I am not hungry and I am losing weight without having to make major alterations to my life. Surely, there are times when I just want to get a pizza delivered and munch out but Nutrisystem provides ways to deal with that.

I'm not going to blow smoke, some self-control will be required. The few times I have some real cravings, I just pull up the weight chart and see that nice downward trend of weight and remind myself why I am doing this.

The quick start program, for me, was the most difficult portion to get through but it surely did as it described. My weight loss started quickly and tapered a bit, as expected, once I got on the regular weekly plan. I am still losing around 3 to 4 lbs a week which might be a little atypical but I'm not complaining. This meal plan was exactly what I needed. Previously I ate healthy but I just ate too much. Comparing then to now, I realized I was eating roughly double what I should have been.

So not only has this plan allowed me to lose weight but it has provided me with an idea of what meal sizes should be if I ever decide to stop with Nutrisystem. I personally think the frozen meals are a very good add-on as they provide more variety and tend to be a bit more tasty and satisfying. I really do appreciate that this program exists. I just turned 50 not too long ago and was starting to have more concerns about my weight which has always been above 'normal'. Nutrisystem not only seems to be dealing with my weight but it also helped me ease my mind about my future health.

I'm also a workaholic which means that previous diets I tried had, what I feel was, a significant impact on my lifestyle. Which is probably the main reason they all failed. Nutrisystem is very simple. Take their base plan, modify the meal times to fit your current schedule, keep the intervals between meals roughly the same, and in no time it just becomes part of your day.

The food for the most part is portable as well which is rather convenient. Again, Thank You for providing this product. Before I was skeptical about ever seeing what I consider a healthy weight but this product and changed that skepticism into hope and has provided exactly what the proverbial doctor ordered. Plastic found in a dinner entree. It was very nice to see!

I can't remember when this happened, maybe weeks ago. I thought the response took longer than it should have. Really tho', I've had great customer service every time I needed them.

Wait times when phoning are awful. I am very happy with the 30 pounds that I have lost. I love your food and do not want to totally stop my program. I am working with adjusting to everyday food lifestyle. But yet, I do not want to give up my program. I believe this will keep me on track with keeping my weight under control. Thank you for my delays in my order. I tried Nutrisystem and found out I am allergic. I tried returning the items as they indicated there was a full refund policy, and they told me I couldn't.

I called over seven times during the next 30 days and they were not cooperative or helpful at all. I got transferred around many times, and never had any help at all. I ended up moving, and canceled my card.

Two months after that they tried charging my credit card and claim they shipped product, which I didn't order. I never received product because I had moved. Very poor customer service! They try and snag you in and force you to keep buying, even if you don't like the product and even if you are allergic to it! I have told a lot of people about this horrifying experience and they are all appalled and said there are much better programs out there!

We are sorry to hear that you are unable to eat our food and we apologize for the poor service you've received. We will be looking into this and reaching out soon. I have spoken with Chanta in her role as counselor. I was impressed with the interest and patience she posses. I am now able to form a more comprehensive plan moving forward with my required personal participation with the Nutrisystem to reach my weight loss goal. I am enthusiastically encouraged with my decision to take on this venture for my future.

We are so happy to hear that Chanta was able to help you gain a better understanding of the program! For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

My NuMi bottle issue was already taken care of. He therefore missed the window to order the bottle in time for the 2nd month shipment. We would like to have it delivered with the order that is coming up for the 3rd month - we get auto delivery, so it is already set up.

We are happy to hear that your water bottle issue has been handled but are sad to hear that your husband is still having issues. We will be assigning this to a member of the Consumer Experience Team who will be reaching out soon. I am very disappointed with the food.

Most of it tastes the same to me and actually upsets my stomach. I did not realize I only had two weeks to cancel and much of that was mostly drinks.

Then you keep trying different food thinking something will be edible. I know there is plenty of fine print in contracts that should be read. I do not recall being verbally told about these conditions. This was a lesson that left a very bad taste in my mouth. We are sorry that the foods upset your stomach and that you were unaware of the auto-delivery nature of the program. Not clear when I ordered that it would be on automatic order.

Food is not good, not good instructions, dinners were bland. Too many entrees with spicy tomato sauce and cheese, dinners are bland. Shakes made me sick. Emails were only to sell more. Thank you for writing this review. We are sad to hear the foods were not to your liking and that the deliveries would be automatic.

We will be looking into your account and reaching out soon. This is a follow-up to the review I posted on September 5. Soon after I posted my first review, a rep from Nutrisystem contacted me via email.

The email was courteous, professional, and apologetic for the experience I had. The rep went on to offer replacement of the damaged food items I had received and encouraged me to give their company another try. In light of this swift response and their sincere desire to ensure that I was happy with their product and service, I am revising my review. I accepted a ready-made menu that containing some items that I did not enjoy.

In the future, I will make a point to select food items that I now know to be more to my liking than others. I am very pleased and heartened by Nutrisystem's timely reply and concern for my purchase. They deserve a second chance. I ordered my month's supply of diet food from Nutrisystem with high hopes. When the food shipment arrived, most of the frozen breakfast items were broken into small bits; when I opened the packages, the bits fell out.

Then I tried the frozen lunches. Since I take these to work, the only heating option is microwave. Anything with bread or chicken comes out chewy, gooey, and icy cold in the center. It actually made me gag and lose my appetite, which wasn't the diet plan I expected.

I am very careful when reading agreements, and for this item to be overlooked was no easy feat. Fineprint at the end will do that to you. To add insult to injury, the obnoxious customer service person on the phone refused to accept my cancellation until she badgered me with questions and hard sell tactics in a desperate attempt to keep me buying their awful food.

Overall, this was a horrible experience. I will never use or recommend Nutrisystem again. We are so sorry to hear about your poor experience with the delivery of your foods, the food itself, and the representative you dealt with. We will be taking a peek at your account and reaching out soon. Was not satisfied with the taste of most of the foods, had to throw it away and buy something else, and most of the desserts had an ok flavor, And a lot of meals with cheese. I was not happy with that.

My first order included items I didn't order and one that I'm allergic to its ingredients. I was told by one person the items were probably substitutions and when ready they would be replaced. When I called the customer service lady was very rude, basically stated I was lying and wouldn't allow me to speak to a supervisor. I'm very disappointed with the service I receive so I will take my business to a place that has better customer service.

Went thru a few months of products. Following it closely and exercised Sent email to customer support and I was told to think of it as not wasted but I received nutritional food with fiber Now I know why it only got one star.

Weight loss system worksstale product and no one to answer to except counselors with no control. No one is arguing that. What gets lost in this discussion is practicality in this busy world of ours. If you CAN make a low-calorie whole food meal for all of your meals, then do it. No need for protein shakes.

However, if you cannot, then protein shakes as meals would be a good option. You will want to get a protein shake that is high quality. I go with whey protein and sometimes egg white protein. I only get protein powder that is 3rd party tested.

Shoot for about 30 grams of protein at least in a shake. Here are some examples I use with my patients. I typically have them replace their worst meal or meals of the day in terms of calories:.

I will mention that dinner is the meal I least likely push to have a shake at for my patients. Sign up for my email course below to get updates on recipes. What about ready-to-drink shakes the ones you just shake and open the top and drink? My favorite brand is Premier at Costco. Join my Fat Loss Prescription Program where you learn how to lose fat and keep it off without counting calories or following a no carb diet.

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