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All our own products are made with premium ingredients supported by science and formulated in the United States in GMP-certified facilities. This diet is a Godsend. Click here to find out why we're giving away samples of our product, Burn TS. I love this diet! The way to battle that is drink something hot. Amino acids interact with each other to produce a well-defined three-dimensional structure, the folded protein the right hand side of the figure , known as the native state. Business Hours By appointments Monday through Sunday.

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We have training in pediatric chiropractic care and use a gentle touch when evaluating and treating our youngest patients. Children tend to respond faster to care because their bodies are changing so much — and so often. Results also vary because pain is a very individual thing and what works perfectly for one child may not work for another. Introduce Your Child to Green Chiropractic.

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Are you looking for a weight loss method with predictable, measurable and repeatable results? Improved skin tone by providing the skin nutrients it needs. Quick weight loss without sacrificing muscle mass. Improved energy, appetite control and reduced cravings. Improved blood sugar, cholesterol levels and reduced blood pressure. Lose an average of lbs. Utilization of stored fat for energy.

Fat, along with cellulite that contains chemical toxins. Are you a Health Care Practitioner? Learn More - For Physicians. Coach Tammy Benner Uniquely tailored care for every customer.

Clinic Coordinator and experienced Health Coach. I am on it not only to loose weight, but to try to keep sugar under control. I am a diabetic typeII and he is a heart patient heart attack 2 years ago. Both our doctors are anxious for us to lose weight, and this diet looks right for both of us. Wish us luck — I will check in in a couple of weeks! My blood sugar was the last time I saw my doctorin January.

One week after starting the diet my blood sugar went down to A week later Certain cardiac patients cannot. I had controlled my diabetes type 2 for 19 years with vegetarian diet and exercise but the morning numbers were creeping up. This diet lowered my morning number from to the first day and then a rapid decrease to now average or lower in the morning.

Plus it stays around 95 all day. Also, I walk a few miles a day and before my blood sugar could go down 60 points, now it is staying stable. No more extreme highs and lows. Lost 11 pounds in 2 weeks. It is based on BMI so we will see how it goes. Hopefully another 30 pounds to be complete. But to not have the diabetes dragon chasing my tail is wonderful. I would rather pay for the foods than drugs to control it. Also, my blood pressure meds had to be cut in half and will probably be eliminated soon.

I am just wondering about the effects of the Ideal Protein products containing Sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener?? Is it acceptable to use in short term doses like this program? I have a high sensitivity to the artifical sweetners and I must say I am not having any problems, I have been on this program for 4 weeks now and have lost In comparison to all of the chemicals and toxins we take in with processed foods, this is minimal. Also, remember that this is a temporary diet change and that clients are taught to eat for life without the products.

Love the Ideal Protein diet! There is plenty of variety on this diet and they have a good maintenance program. There are 4 phases of the diet where they slowly wean you off of their product to eat real food. Once you have reached your goal and maintained your weight loss, you will know about food combining to ensure you keep off the weight.

You will be eating a bigger meal at breakfast, smaller for lunch and even smaller for dinner. One day a week you can eat whatever you want—anything. That way of eating is something I can live with long term. I have been on this diet for 10 days now. I live in Cajun country, where food was created. Just like the consultant told me, it would take about 5 to 6 days on this diet to get used to it.

I have lost 15 lbs, need to lose 25 more. After the first 6 days, my appetite was satisfied, my taste buds enjoyed the natural flavors of the foods and I have no sense of depression. The more I read up on this diet, the more I agree with the plan. Good weight loss can be achieved, but you really need to follow the plan.

I ate a plane salad for lunch yesterday with only olive oil and sea salt. I can only tell you, I was able to taste every piece of vegetable in it and am looking forward to my meal today. I expect to be on this plan for 2 to 4 more weeks and then have the consultant wean me to a life long diet that maintains this. One more thing about this diet that I added, I asked the Lord the help me and He has. Thanks for adding that, there is a reason why I read your comment.

I started the diet 6 days ago and have already lost over 5 pounds. Monday I will offically get a weigh in and measure inches lost. Yes the first days were hard, especially day 2 and 3.

Now I have my energy back and feel fine and satisfied after meals. One you can be on for months and then never have to diet again. It really teaches how to eat healthy for the rest of your life.

Hi Kimberly, I also live in cajun country Baton Rouge where food was created, lol. I see your post was in January. How much did you have to lose? Have you reached your goal weight? Who better to turn to than the Lord-He cares about every area of our lives!! I am on the diet right now……have tried lots of things on my own…. I have lost 19lbs and 13 total inches in 4weeks on this plan. It is great for me because it stresses not to do heavy exercising the first 3weeks.

I recently had hip surgery which i gained alot of weight with and cant do much cardio. Since it is doctor regulated i feel it is more successful. I am sure there are similar diets and contrary to this post the ingredients etc are clearly posted on the box and the meal plan. Feel free to find a doctor that participates and you will learn alot.

Hey Blaine…How is the weight loss going? Went to a talk tonight….. Did you experience any leg cramping in the very beginning??? I just started IP today and have had some leg cramps for about half the day!? I started on two days ago and woke up with a terrible cramp in my calf this morning! Has been achey for about a half hour. Good variety of foods.

Best of all they have coaching videos daily that provide support, information and great recipe ideas. I agree there should be a nutritional value guide listed on the website.

I do know the foods are made from Soy, whey, Protein, and Collagen Isolates so that both carnivores and Vegetarians alike as well as Gluten free needs are acheivable. Prices are not listed because it is a clinician only Program, and the price can very from clinic to clinic. Some of the food is good, but they have a small variety in comparison to other programs. Do you know approximately what your friends are paying a week and have they been happy with the results?

That is supplemented with lots of fresh veg and daily protein for supper. You are being overcharged. But if you are seeing a doctor, they can charge whatever they want. Pricing can also depend on supplements. There are Ideal protein distributors in the US. Usually, they are within a chiropractic practice.

I go to Dr. Kathleen Posey on the North Shore. I should have lost more but I got mixed up with the restricted food. Not only is my doctor on this program but her nurse is as well…they both lost a tone of weight. This is a very easy program to following, just eat. You will lost weight, just eat.

I am thinking aboout starting the Ideal Protein diet. I made an appointment for tomorrow.

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