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Archived from the original on May 28, The media is always coming out with sensational stuff like this, as this new research is shock worthy and increases readership. Retrieved March 31, I mix it with water, although many recent studies are showing that milk, while it digests slowly, is actually pretty good as a post-workout drink. I use a protein shaker 20oz.

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Man, I love this time of year and I love what I do for a living. I get to try out SO many neat things and so many cool kitchen appliances. This time around, I am trying out the Phillips Airfryer, an appliance that has been on my to-try list for as long as I can remember. The main point to an Airfryer is that that you can create healthy, homemade meals in mere minutes — with less fat.

As someone that has avoided a deep fryer all of her years — yes, even for my doughnuts chapter in my cookbook I used a large,deep frying pan- I really wanted to try an Airfryer out. Thanks to this technology, the airfryer fries, bakes, roasts and grills with little to no oil, making it a perfect solution for fast, tasty and healthy meals and snacks.

Can I call French fries healthy now? All jokes aside, I will be trying out french fries in my last post on the airfryer. I love a good French fry but unfortunately there is nothing like deep frying them.

Wait until my last post and we are going to delve into how French fries turn out on the airfryer! But for now, I wanted to test out how this baby works. Look at how crispy that skin came out! My son devoured these — as 12 year olds are wont to do — and asked for more! So while I would only place 4 small chicken thighs in the airfryer, this would also work with chicken wings!

The airfryer can only handle a certain capacity — see the manual- so it makes only a small meal, say for two people. The Phillips Airfryer comes with a fabulous recipe booklet that has 25 delicious recipes. Better yet, the Philips Airfryer app can be downloaded for free and has over recipes; available in multiple languages and platforms so that you can get cooking!

What I really loved about this chicken is that I used no grease at all. I put the chicken in there and it cooked up beautifully without a drop of grease added. The container itself is SO easy to clean. As you can see, you can fit another chicken thigh or random piece of chicken in there, but you want to make sure that you follow the instructions as to the amount of meat that you can place in there.

You simply place the food into this little basket and away you go! This recipes uses one of my very favourite seasonings in the world: Mike and I will simply sprinkle Old Bay onto our chicken drumsticks and roast them thusly, with nothing else on it.

You could easily do the same with the chicken drumsticks in the Phillips Airfryer as well, if you want a gluten-free option! So, who has an airfryer and what do you think about it? Who has been wanting to try an Airfyer like I have? Stay tuned for two more posts where I delve into this appliance and really try it out! Hey guys, I'm Karlynn! I have my chicken thighs in my air fryer first use. It has occurred to me that you were not using boneless thighs. Probably totally over cooking them.

I cook, pretty much, every day for people, What size Air Fryer I should buy? Would love to try this recipe! This one in our shop is a great choice and well reviewed! I got my Wise air fryer for Mothers Day and have had so much fun making everything from Cinnamon rolls to Fried chicken!

This recipe was fantastic! I used a greek seasoning and parchment paper with holes in it made for the air fryer to reduce sticking. I put them in skin side down then flipped them over after 15 mins. I had a sick little one home from school and was trying to make something she would want to eat! Sent a picture to my husband and he is jealous and excited for me to make them again for dinner! This recipe will be on hand and used alot!!!

Thank you so much!!! Had plans to make some Brussels sprouts or green beans when I saw this recipe. I have regular old Old Bay in my spice drawer and had just purchased a load of bone-in chicken thighs at Costco this afternoon before I knew the fryer was here. When I informed the wife and our guest that I was making this they both yawned. We finished dinner a half hour ago. They both want to know when we are having this again. Your unlikely spice mixture and wonderful end result are to be savored.

Thanks for posting this. They turned out fantastic and taste restaurant bought! I did a couple of Ribeye Steaks in my Air fryer and they came out amazing. I just love it. My son who used to love all his stuff fried is now using the air fryer constantly and like the taste even better. Recently I had my sister over and she got to try the air fryer for the first time, now she is wanting one of her own. Put in at about 6 minutes on each side…used mist oil sprayer beginning and after I turned over…made a nice hard fried crust that was perfectly done and juicy…delicious!

Used boneless chicken breast and gluten free flour…Thank you! Put in at about 6 minutes on each side…used mist oil sprayer beginning and after I turned over…made a nice hard friend crust that was perfectly done and juicy…delicious!

I have a Cooks Essential air fryer. My favorite thing to cook in it is fried chicken. I do mine a little different. I spray my chicken on both sides with some oil or Pam and then put in the basket. Cook on about for about 12 mins, turn chicken over then cook another 12 mins for bone in pieces like legs ….. It is perfectly fried chicken. Crispy on outside and so juicy on the inside.

The oil adds moisture and makes it crispy and done. So yummy, crispy and juicy!! I am new to air frying and tried making french fries in it and was terribly disappointed with the results but decided not to give up. I came across this recipe and decided to give it one more try.

After reading the various comments, I let the thighs sit in the refrigerator for twenty minutes after coating them. I sprayed them with cooking spray before putting them in the fryer. I set the temperature at degrees F. I turned them after thirty minutes and let them cook for another seven minutes.

They came out perfect! The thighs were larger than I would have preferred but four just fit in my fryer basket and they still came out golden and crispy. I will be making this recipe often! Nice and crispy outside, very moist on the inside.

Have not tried fried chicken, going to try it tonight. Would like more air fryer recipes. My book does not have many. Most of them are frozen store bought foods. I like real homade foods. You can email me some recipes if you have some. Will chicken with the skin removed still come out with a crust? Made this with legs instead of thighs. Sprayed the chicken with cooking oil spray.

I bought an Air fryer but it is the Nu Vue version. Once the potatoes were done they were hard and dry. Can anyone tell me what happened? After you soaked the fries did you dry them? The soak is to get starch out of the fries then you use paper towels or a real bar towel to take the excess water out of the popatoes. Is there a good batter recipe for chicken batter that would give a nice thick crust?

I coated the chicken tenderloins with mayonnaise then rolled them in Italian bread crumbs. Cooked degrees for 20 minutes. Followed it to the letter but added a quarter teaspoon of garlic salt to the teaspoon it calls for, No need to do that, The recipe is perfect as is. Turn the chicken once during the process. Keep the basket under-loaded. Perfect, and much better than the version that calls for soaking the chicken in butter milk.

Did this recipe exactly as directed and it was amazing! I bought the airfryer because my father-in-law likes fried chicken but cannot have the fat. He was so happy. I preheated my air fryer, soaked the chicken in buttermilk, dipped in egg, then flour mixture. I added it to the preheated basket at …checked at 12 minutes and the flour still looked like flour except for burnt tips.

I thought maybe it needed to cook more so when the timer went off, it looked pretty much the same. I cut a piece open and it was cooked but it just looked bad.

I ended up scraping all the batter off and doused in bbq sauce to salvage the chicken. Any thoughts on what went wrong? You need to spray the coated chicken with olive oil. Get a spritzer or can of extra virgin olive oil. This will ensure that your chicken gets crispy. I made this and it was fantastic. I cut up a whole chicken and made the whole thing in 2 batches.

I took the advice of the other comments and lowered the temperature of my air fryer to F after the initial preheat. The chicken was perfectly cooked to a golden brown and looked like something out of a magazine.

I took a picture of the 2nd batch — my family devoured the first batch before I could grab my camera! Picture of my chicken: During periods of high-volume sales, BK will pre-prepare high-demand items such as hamburgers and cheeseburgers; during slower periods all sandwiches are made to order.

The Whopper sandwiches, premium sandwiches, and BK Veggies are all made when ordered. As with all major fast food vendors, BK has a menu that specifically targets children. The company introduced its child-oriented product line in North America during the summer of with an advertising program called the Burger King Kid's Club. The toy is usually a product tie-in with a movie or popular television show. The entrée and side offerings differ from market to market, as does portion size.

In the North American market, BK further divides its children's menu into three segments: The only difference between the first two groups is the prize offering; the toddler will receive an age-appropriate toy. The toys were originally designed by Kentwood, Michigan -based Sassy Inc.

The tween offering, introduced in , is called the Big Kids Meal. Further additions to the line included a six-piece serving of the company's Chicken Fries product. The introduction of the Big Kids Meal was not without controversy. McDonald's challenged Burger King's use of the name in a federal suit that claimed McDonald's had used the name first.

To appeal to the adult market, BK offers several sandwiches and other products made with higher-quality ingredients such as whole-breast chicken fillets , Angus beef , and other "premium" ingredients. Through and , the company added other higher-end product such as barbecued ribs, grilled fish, an improved grilled chicken sandwich, kebabs, and an extra-thick burger called the Steakhouse XT.

The "indulgent" products are seen as blurring the lines between the fast-food and casual-dining market segments and, while they draw in newer customers looking for value, the effect may only be temporary.

Once the economic instabilities of the lates recession fade, customers may return to such casual chains as Chili's and leave the fast food chains back where they started in terms of customer numbers and profits. BK targets specific sub-groups within the adult market. Products like the BK Stacker and BK XXL are aimed at late teen to young adult males; health-conscious individuals are offered products such as salads, grilled chicken, and veggie burgers.

The meal was launched with a cross-promotion in conjunction with Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants. The series of commercials raised the ire of the American Family Association due to perceived nudity concerns. One particular market target that was of importance to the company was identified as the "Superfan".

The superfan was a demographic group that included individuals that are 18 to 49 years old, primarily male, who would visit a fast-food restaurant five times a month and eat fast food 16 times a month. By focusing on this demographic group, the company could increase sales more readily; it was easier to generate more repeat visits by this demographic than it was to coax new customers to switch from other chains.

The company has used advertising featuring its mascot, the Burger King, in tandem with new product rollouts such as its BK Wrapper product to help generate an increased number of visits by this client segment.

With the slowing of the global economy due to the financial crisis of , the company experienced a downside of focusing so much on this demographic group. The high unemployment of the recession, coupled with healthier eating habits, drove many customers away from fast food towards the fast-casual segment or forced them to stop eating out.

Analysts have stated that by focusing its marketing and advertising programs on men, BK alienated women and children. Morgan Stanley analyst John Glass stated, "Maybe catering to the super fan was the correct strategy to kick-start the business, but maybe they relied on that for too long To help counter the perceived male bias of its superfan target group, the company expanded the definition in early to cover individuals of both sexes, all ages, and households who frequent fast food within the stated time frame.

Throughout , the company added newer calorie-conscious "Positive Steps" combo meals that were advertised in female-oriented media, as well as a continuing cross-promotional tie-in with the female-oriented Twilight film series. One of the company's first forays into healthier products was in with introduction of its salad bar. The salad bar met with light to moderate success, but the company's franchise holders complained of high operating costs and a poor return on investment.

They are sold with two toppings and Ken's Foods Ken's Steakhouse brand salad dressing. Internationally, the salads vary in composition and style from market to market.

In all markets, salads are one of the items targeted at female and health-conscious consumers. As a response to recent obesity trends in the United States and other nations, Burger King modified its menu and food preparation practices. In addition to offering lower-fat menu item such as salads, the company has updated its nutrition guides to include dietary guidelines and other nutritional data.

One of its reactions to the concerns over trans-fats was to initiate a program in January to phase out added trans-fat in its products, and to switch to pure vegetable oils that are free of hydrogenated fats. Most, but not all, of the products contain no added trans-fats; some products, such as the beef used in the hamburgers, still contain naturally occurring trans-fats. To address concerns over the increase in childhood obesity in Western nations and accusations of unhealthy offerings for children by groups such as the Center for Science in the Public Interest , [] the company created a nutritional program called "BK Positive Steps" that is aimed at children and their families.

The product line has been expanded to include a boiled mini chicken sandwich for the kid's meals in this region. The company has adapted its menu to accommodate different dietary lifestyles by adding several vegetarian options, including salads, the BK Veggie sandwich, and its deep-fried spicy bean burger that is sold in Burger King's international locations. Society guidelines do not require their approved products to be vegan, and allow ovo-lacto-vegetarian ingredients.

In January , BK began to publish a list of which of their products that contain gluten and added menu options designed to help those afflicted with Celiac disease as part of its "Positive Steps" nutrition program. A company representative stated that it understands that its guests have individual dietary needs, and as part of its "Have It Your Way" promise, Burger King offers menu items for individuals with gluten sensitivity.

The range of products sold usually depends on the time of day. Lunch items such as hamburgers and fries are traditionally not served during breakfast time. However, some BK stores do sell food under their "Burgers for Breakfast" program. Burger King's product packaging has undergone many changes over the years. Unlike McDonald's, the company never used the clamshell style box made of Styrofoam , so when the environmental concerns over Styrofoam came to a head in the late s, the company touted its use of paperboard boxes for its sandwiches.

Each product's packaging included a tongue-in-cheek commentary about the product itself. All of its sandwich wrappers, cartons, tray liners, bags, breakfast platters, chili cups, condiments, and regional product packaging received what was described as "quirky ad copy" specifically targeting the 18—year-old male demographic segment. Besides the humorous commentary, the company also created sniglet -type names for things that would appear in its products, such as a "ringer" — a single onion ring that had been accidentally included in an order of fries.

Starting with the introduction of its BK Chicken Fries product in , BK began adapting some of its product packaging so that it could be placed in an automotive cup holder. The BK Chicken Fry box, while square in shape, will sit comfortably in the cup holder and its top, when opened, forms a small tray that is designed to hold dipping sauce.

Burger King credits the design of this box with helping to make its Chicken Fries the most popular adult-oriented chicken product in the United States. Union Packaging, a minority-owned, Philadelphia-based paper products company, has supplied much of the packaging for Burger King's North American operations since winning its first contract in Over time, the company reformulates various products in an attempt to boost sales of the product or to improve the taste, appearance, or physical consistency of the product.

Burger King's original fish sandwich, introduced as early as the late s in some markets, was called the Whaler; it was a smaller fish sandwich made with tartar sauce and lettuce served on the small sesame seed roll BK used for their hamburgers.

When Burger King introduced its broiled chicken sandwich in , the BK Broiler , it changed the fish sandwich's breading to a panko style, began serving it on an oatmeal-dusted roll that was used for the broiled chicken sandwich, and renamed the product the Ocean Catch sandwich. One of the company's larger product reformulations came in March The new formulation was described by the company as being " more broadly appealing " to the palate of its customers according to statement released by the company.

Nation's Restaurant News analyst John Barone stated that the change may also be due to an industry wide move to chicken-based product as a result of raising commodity prices, forcing restaurants to turn towards chicken-based offerings due to the elevated pork and beef prices occurring during the previous year.

He added that chicken breast costs have been down or flat during the same period, making it a more appealing choice to companies. The new product push was accompanied with a product tie-in with the movie Hop aimed at the youth market, an adult-oriented advertising campaign pushing convenience and product customization and a nationwide coupon mailing in the United States.

Online advertising was emphasized with the release a Facebook gaming application it called the "Tender 8". To generate additional sales, BK will occasionally introduce limited time offers LTO that are versions of its core products or new products intended for either long- or short-term sales. Many of these LTO products focus on core menu products such as the Whopper, which has featured variations such as the Texas Double Whopper with added jalapeños , bacon, and pepperjack cheese.

Other LTOs include all-new sandwiches like the Chick'n Crisp sandwich now a permanent item in many regions and test products such as the company's Great American Burger, which was an attempt at a premium sandwich in It was made with a Whopper patty and several new ingredients, including a bakery-style bun; peppered bacon; whole-leaf, as opposed to shredded, lettuce; seasoned mustard; and a special sauce.

The burger was served with American cheese, mayonnaise, tomato, and onions. It was designed to be cooked on a forerunner of the current batch broiler. Other LTO products sought to expand existing product lines with new base ingredients. The company's offering, a Meatloaf Specialty Sandwich , was introduced as part of a push into limited table service. Steak sandwiches were made from steak fillets or later, restructured beef. Other offerings were a ham and cheese sandwich with mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato, and a veal parmigiana sandwich.

The company is not above following trends within the fast food and fast casual industry; two of examples of this can be seen in some of its former products. The introduction of BK Burger Shots , Burger King's version of sliders , was part of a wider trend in the restaurant industry for this type of sandwich. The variation sold in the UK and Ireland is called the Angus 6 Pack; it is six small burgers that are attached together. In , Burger King began licensing its logo and items to outside companies for non-Burger King products.

A licensed products company, Broad Street Licensing Group, and its manufacturing partner, the Inventure Group, introduced the first products in the fall of that year: Inventure added a third flavor, onion rings, in Industry pundits have criticized the company for this scheme, with Rob Frankel, author of the book The Revenge of Brand X , stating "just because you can do something does not mean you should.

The licensing deals have proven successful. Broad Street has expanded the product line to seventeen countries across the globe while increasing selection to more than a half dozen products designed to mimic the flavors of some of Burger King's core menu products. The success of the product line and licensing deals garnered the companies an award for "Brand Extension of the Year" from License!

ConAgra Foods entered into a licensing agreement with Burger King in for a new line of microwavable French fry products. The new products are King Krinkz, which are seasoned crinkle-cut fries; King Kolossalz, an extra-large package of fries; and King Wedgez, seasoned potato wedges. The products were slated to be released in September The packaging is designed to resemble BK's FryPod fry container. Burger King has introduced several new products that performed well in testing, but did not catch on with the public.

The failure of the BK Baguette line of sandwiches is an example a product that did not meet corporate expectations; another earlier failure was the Bull's-eye Barbecue Burger.

The sandwich consisted of two side-by-side hamburger patties, American cheese, and bacon, with Bull's-eye Barbecue brand barbecue sauce. Later it was sold as a traditional-style double cheeseburger. In , during its time under the ownership of Britain-based Grand Metropolitan, Burger King experimented with table service.

Customers were given complimentary popcorn to eat while waiting for their meal. To coincide with the offering, a series of meals called the Dinner baskets were introduced. The dinner came with two sides, including a choice of a side salad, cole slaw , French fries, or baked potato. Lasting approximately a year, the sit-down restaurant concept was abandoned in in favor of the original quick-service formula.

Another failed product, this time under Grand Metropolitan's successor Diageo, was the BK Back Porch Grillers line of burgers that featured a spiced and flavored patty served on a bakery-style roll.

There were two varieties: The Regular served with mayonnaise, whole leaf iceberg lettuce, tomato and grilled onions, and the Bacon Cheddar, with bacon and smoked cheddar cheese. The Griller patty was flavored so that it had a taste similar to a hamburger that had been grilled over a charcoal-fired grill. These larger, adult-oriented sandwiches were made with fried and grilled chicken or a Whopper patty and a variety of toppings and served on a Kaiser roll.

Toppings included a mango lime sauce, avocado , aioli , a Cajun spiced sauce, and relish. Originally successful, the sandwiches piqued the interest of Burger King's corporate offices and were being considered for a potential global rollout. However, interest in the product faded and they were discontinued. Introduced as a direct challenge of corporate rival McDonald's, the Big King was Burger King's response to the Big Mac and had a similar style and taste.

The name was switched to Big King when it was introduced nationally in , and again to the King Supreme when reintroduced in The Big King sandwich's recipe is exactly the same as the original s recipe, including a three-piece roll. Like many of its competitors, BK has been targeted by various animal welfare groups, such as PETA , over the treatment of the animals it uses in the manufacture of its ingredients.

In a concession to these groups, BK agreed to adopt a series of policies for its suppliers for several of its raw animal products. The company has established a preference for purchasing eggs and pork-based products from those suppliers that use cage-free production methods.

As part of its guidelines, Burger King stated that it would begin conducting announced and unannounced inspections of the slaughterhouses for all of its meat suppliers and take action against facilities that fail those inspections. It would establish animal-handling verification guidelines for all the slaughterhouses of its suppliers. The company would require its suppliers to confine no more than five hens in each battery cage , that the birds be able to stand fully upright, and require the presence of two water drinkers per cage.

It would stop purchasing from suppliers who engage in the forced molting of hens, develop auditing procedures for the handling of "broiler" chickens, and institute humane handling procedures for chickens at slaughterhouses.

It would begin purchasing pork from farms that do not confine sows to stalls. The USDA agreed with the request, stating "it is granting your petition and is developing a proposed rule that addresses the issue of humane handling. The company amended its purchasing guidelines in A third round of guidelines was issued in April when the company announced that it would begin phasing in a plan to stop purchasing poultry and pork products from suppliers that caged animals. Heinz Company is a significant supplier of condiments to Burger King.

Kraft foods has supplied many of its products to BK over the years. Several of its condiment lines have found their way into BK menu items. Two Kraft products were involved in direct tie-ins: During the late s, Tyson Foods was devising new methods to broaden their market, including introducing smaller consumer packaging and landing military contracts.

The company expanded its commercial division by offering new products to McDonald's and Burger King. Tyson's McDonald's product eventually evolved into Chicken McNuggets while Burger King's product became the basis of its chicken sandwiches. Despite a production-significant lead time, the estimated four-month product supply lasted Burger king less than three months.

Coli outbreak at one of Burger King's largest beef providers, Hudson Foods, gave Tyson Foods one of its largest business coups. Hudson was one of the largest poultry providers in the United States and one of Tyson's largest competitors when they moved into beef processing at the behest of Burger King. Once it had secured a contract with Burger King, Hudson opened a beef processing plant in Nebraska.

When the plant was identified as the source of an E. Coli breakout in , Burger King abandoned the company as a supplier. McCain Foods became a supplier of potato products to the company in , shortly after an agreement with farmers in Maine to supply potatoes for use in the fast food market.

Edwards Baking provides Burger King with prepackaged pies and pie-style desserts while providing oversight and assistance with the chain's dessert products.

BK is one of Edwards' major national contracts, where the company provides Burger King with assistance in marketing programs, point-of-purchase advertising materials, market research, and other resources. Edwards has a full-time staff assigned to Burger King's headquarters in Miami. Burger King sold a line of Awrey products including danish , doughnuts, and birthday cakes. Since , Burger King has continued using Coca-Cola as its beverage supplier, renewing its contract in several times.

After the rollout, it was discovered that Coca-Cola employees had faked product test information to bolster prospective sales numbers in an effort to entice franchisees to enroll in a summertime advertising push.

Several Coke employees were terminated, and Coca-Cola changed the in-store promotional materials to emphasize the Icee name. The contract gave Coca-Cola new access to the 3, operating or planned restaurants on the Asia-Pacific rim, in Europe, and in South and Central America.

Burger King's supply contracts for non-carbonated beverages are separate from the ones for its sodas. When the company first chose to introduce a bottled water product, it chose Nestlé 's Poland Spring brand over Coke's Dasani. When the contract expired in , BK moved to Pepsi's Aquafina , the top-selling brand at the time.

BK is utilizing a popular brand name to promote its products in a move to draw customers' attention to itself and its meal programs. Despite the investment in the Douwe Egbert product, Burger King announced it would be phasing out the Cafitesse system in the United States in the summer of in favor of Starbucks' Seattle's Best brand of coffee. The company predicted the number of free cups of coffee would number between two and four million.

For many years Burger King has sold beer in several of its international locations, such as Germany, but not in its home territory. The move, designed to target the important and-under demographic, has been called risky by industry analysts because the company is known as a fast food purveyor and not as an alcoholic beverages seller. Other industry consultants have disagreed with the assessment, believing that the move is timely because the company is growing with its aging customer base.

For many years Burger King owned and operated its own distribution system, known originally as Distron. Distron, founded shortly after establishment of Burger King, primarily served the company-owned stores and 50—60 percent of franchised stores.

Franchise groups were free to purchase supplies from one of seventeen independent distribution systems, often operated by larger franchise groups such as Carrols Restaurant Group. The move resulted in the layoff of over a hundred staff members. The creation of RSI was based on a proposal by then-CEO Barry Gibbons create an organization that would be autonomous from BK corporate operations, provide full financial disclosure to participants on pricing issues and revenues, and enjoy the participation of the entire chain to maximize the benefits of volume purchasing.

The format of RSI was based on the system employed by KFC for its distribution system and was operated in a similar manner. Currently the company utilizes independent distributors such as Maines Paper and Food Service and Sysco for supplying North American stores with food and paper products. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Hamburgers chicken french fries soft drinks milkshakes salads desserts breakfast hot dogs. History of Burger King. Burger King breakfast sandwiches.

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And so, apparently, is the Pillsbury-owned chain's resolve to confront its chief rival, McDonald's, head on. The Fish Tenders are new, but the Chicken Tenders are reformulated versions of a product that Burger King rolled out several years ago.

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Archived from the original on March 8, Retrieved September 8, Retrieved December 10, Archived from the original on February 7, Retrieved October 1, Retrieved May 19, Archived from the original on November 6, Archived from the original on February 15, Retrieved March 28, The Hungry Jacks "Aussie Burger" has tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese, bacon, beetroot, egg, ketchup and a meat patty.

Archived from the original on June 7, Archived from the original on October 26, Retrieved March 1, When ordering chicken in China, take note. The Chinese prefer dark meat chicken, not white. Retrieved November 2, Retrieved June 29, Archived from the original on April 3, Archived from the original on January 3, Retrieved October 13, Retrieved June 7, With its old conveyor broiler, the chain's research and development team was limited to rolling out products that fit the speed of the conveyor chain.

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