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Blenders That Crush Ice

Banana Cream Pie Smoothie Banana Cream Pie Smoothie Recipe Frozen bananas, graham cracker crumbs, and vanilla extract are a few of the ingredients that make this smoothie a rich dessert in a glass. Because it calls for low-fat yogurt and fat-free milk, one serving of this drink gives you about the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk. Blackberry-Mango Breakfast Shake Blackberry-Mango Breakfast Shake Recipe Sneak silken tofu into a sweet-tart breakfast smoothie to keep energy high from morning through the 3pm afternoon slow-down.

This is a great way to get extra protein and fiber past pickier palates. Silken tofu and ground flaxseed help this smoothie stick with you throughout an afternoon of running errands. Banana-Mango Smoothie Banana-Mango Smoothie Recipe Make this smoothie in minutes by freezing cubed mango the night before and blending with banana, milk, honey, and vanilla extract when you're ready to serve.

Honey sweetens the banana-strawberry-yogurt mixture. Serve thick for a fun beat-the-heat dessert. Yogurt-Fruit Smoothie Yogurt-Fruit Smoothie Recipe Blend frozen fruit juice with fresh strawberries and a banana for a smoothie spiked with bright fruit flavor. This tasty drink is rich and creamy thanks to a hearty helping of vanilla low-fat yogurt. Mango Smoothie Mango Smoothie Recipe Spice up a Mexican-inspired evening with a smoothie infused with the warm molasses flavor of brown sugar.

Serve the slushy cocktail over ice. Banana-Berry Smoothie Banana-Berry Smoothie Recipe Frozen mixed berries and dry milk help keep cost and preparation to a minimum for this anytime smoothie. Blend with banana, yogurt, sugar, and orange juice for a citrus accent. Substitute other frozen fruits, like peaches, for fun variety. Just blend, pour in paper cups with a popsicle stick, and freeze for creamy, icy goodness. Sunshine Smoothie Sunshine Smoothie Recipe This slightly sweet, thick drink is a great snack or part of a breakfast: Hot-Pink Smoothies Hot-Pink Smoothies Recipe Smoothies are the perfect bases for allowing kids to add their own personality and get creative.

The yogurt gives it a dose of calcium. Layered Fruit Smoothie Layered Fruit Smoothie Recipe If island-inspired cocktails warm your soul, this layered fruit smoothie might just tip your taste buds over the edge. Pour a strawberry-banana smoothie mixture over a layer of mango smoothie for a two-tone drink that's as pretty as it is tasty. Decrease the amount of malted milk powder if you'd like less malt flavor. It's also a way to enjoy the health benefits of caffeine, which may help lower your risk of diabetes and Parkinson's disease.

Pumpkin Pie Shake Pumpkin Pie Shake Recipe This shake is a great festive dessert idea, but since it uses canned pumpkin, you can make it year-round. Store ginger tightly wrapped in the freezer; it will grate easily. It lends a wonderful creaminess, but don't worry, you won't be able to taste it!

Peach Melba Shake Peach Melba Shake Recipe Whether you're craving an afternoon snack, or a smooth, creamy, and fruity dessert, this shake will hit the spot. Put the ice cream in the blender last to easily make a smooth shake.

A pinch of cinnamon gives it a Mexican twist. Caribbean Bushwacker Caribbean Bushwacker Recipe Serve the spirited Caribbean Bushwacker as a respite to a hot, summer day or as a dessert finale at dinner. Love it so much we purchased the exact same model a second time.

My wife and I purchased this blender about a year ago and it worked great. We use it to make protein smoothies along with a few other things. After about a year it konked out on us. I don't blame the blender for only lasting a year. We used it at least two to four times a day to crush ice and frozen fruit into our shakes. If it tells you anything I didn't even look at other blenders and just picked up a second Black and Decker. It's quick, powerful, and simple to use.

I had a vitamix that I used primarily for smoothies and we lost it. I love this thing! I never really used my vitamix for anything else. The only disadvantage is that you can only make 16 oz at a time so we have to run it a few times for our family.

Which works out well for us because some of us like different things in our smoothies so I would have to make several anyway. I just fill the cup with hot soapy water and a little dish soap - screw the blade on, turn it upside and See All Buying Options. I bought this a couple months ago and have used it for a number of things, including chopping nuts for fudge.

I even used it to chop frozen nuts and it performed quite well. It has worked great in everything I have used it for; cauliflower mash, fudge, whipped cream, mayonnaise, gravy, liver pate etc. I have arthritis and my hands are fairly weak but this unit gives me no trouble at all, it's comfortable to hold and operate.

The cord is a little stiff but not so bad that it interferes with use. It cleans up easily as well. The different blade make it a very flexible unit, I have made whipped cream with one blade and then mixed fresh liver and tomato paste with another and both came out great without lumps or unmixed parts.

There is only one problem I have had and that is with the chopping unit, it has This thing is powerful.

It's loud, but it's so powerful that I haven't had to run it for more than a few seconds anyway. Obvious statement of the day: It comes with 3 of the large cups, 2 small ones, 2 blades one regular blender blade and one specifically for dry items , a tiny "recipe book", cup rings, a travel lid, a shaker lid, and some regular lids.

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