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The Fast Diet by Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer (2013): What to eat and foods to avoid
Which to me is a fairly healthy option. Eat a lot of salad, cut out the dressing. Michele Dolan Personal Trainer. The first two weeks of the program I lost 5lbs, I am assuming just from eating healthy. I feel bloated and sluggish and have gained weight.

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I am wondering if one can buy a DVD of the programme? I tend to go over my calories on my fast days; a little bit of hazelnut creamer here, a few extra crackers there, etc….

Thank you for your time! The authors say that the diet is not recommended for type 1 diabetics or people with eating disorders, or people who are already extremely lean. I have been following the 5;2 for a few months now and have been walking and doing hand weights. I know its for health but very disheartened when I read how the weight seems to just fall off others……I am desperate to lose a few kilos……. Have a look at The 5: Or is your NET total goal?

For example, if I burn calories through exercise, do I consume for a total of — ? Or do I still only consume , for a net total of ? I only have a few pounds to lose, and am only concerned about diabetes because of family history everyone either has it, is pre-diabetic, or is at high risk, plus high blood pressure and heart disease. Penny, thank you for all your responses! Thanks for your time! The authors talk more about general health and longevity, how intermittent dieting may reduce your IGF-1 associated with cancer and switch on repair genes to give you a longer life.

Mosley discusses glycemic index and glycemic load pp but provides few GI and GL data. If you are interested, a useful online glycemic index and glycemic load of a few thousand foods:. I am on insulin and have started this diet with the permission of my doctor.

We have had to adjust my insulin on fast days. I have been unable to lose weight on many diets. I have 40 pounds to lose and I am hoping this will work!!

I am a little worried when people say they have been on for months with little weight loss! Hi Gayle, A lot of people find that with this diet, they can start to relax after so many years of watching and obsessing over everything they eat — that can mess up your relationship with food. You can learn to recognize the actual signs of hunger, which may help you recognize and understand what drives you to foods — comfort eating and other issues. You may end up getting nutrition you were missing before — by eating lots of greens or protein on fast days, or by allowing yourself fats and other potentially healthy foods that you may have held back on with other diets.

I hope it works for you. On most fasting days I choose to eat nothing only drink diet drinks and black tea. I am now Can I still fast for two days in a row for calories a day even if I do not need to lose weight? Will it make my bl go down? Or if you really want to fast 2 days a week, you make sure that your calorie intake on other days balances out your fast days, by eating more calorie-dense foods.

You could try both these approaches to see what works for you. Check with your doctor about your meds — if your health is improving they can advise how much to reduce them. Hi Penny, I have read the book back to front and have done a few fasts. I do have a couple of questions. Or should it be avoided really. I must admit it does feel good to fast and has made me aware of what I am eating on the non fast days.

There are different patterns you can follow of what times to eat — some people graze in small amounts through the day, others have only 1 meal, others have 2 meals. Experiment a bit and find out what works best for you. It was the classic trade off.

My sense [I am no scientist] is that fasting may stall the metabolism. My very strong fear is that many folks who do the 5: I get and want the health benefits of fasting but I think metabolisms need fixing before fasting can work long term.

I am having significantly better results with Fast Metabolism diet which is horribly complicated but once you get it — it is a terrific answer for those of us who eat too much for whatever reason.

I do and am changing my body [lots of kilos missing] but also my perceptions of foods: Alcohol is delightful but is a treat not a coping strategy. My fear for many is that underlying issues which cause obesity [e. Then we went on holiday and I did the Monday fast but gave up for the rest of the week — hey, life is short and this was about having fun! When we came back I did another week but then got a cold sore — am wondering if it was caused by body being suddenly in a weakened state again.

I did feel rather weak at around 4 p. What bliss the next day to have a normal breakfast but I found I felt fuller and tried not to eat if not hungry on the off days — had the tum shrunk? My question is this: Hi Shirley, We only look at the food side of diets, not supplements. A lot of people seem to be taking multivitamins on this diet, if you look at the forums on http: Please tell me if this is normal.

I think this is because I am eating whatever I want on the non fast days. Before this diet I was very strict and only ate clean food never exceeding 1, calories a day. I was losing weight incredibly slowly and was always hungry and had constant food cravings.

Now that I eat whatever I crave and eat until I am full 5 days a week, I keep gaining weight. Is this going to ever stop? Are there any foods that set you off to eat large amounts?

For you it might be refined carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour. Jonathan, Onka, and others who have gained weight — I am in the same boat: After a few fast days where I kept going calories over, I soon was able to follow the diet religiously.

Yet I lost no weight at all. Then I read the links Penny provided for the forum , and cut my calories even more on non-fasting days i. Still no weight loss, even a slight gain. I decided to give it another 4 weeks, and cut calories to Imagine my frustration when I not only did not lose weight I gained 6 lbs!!

Misery loves company [grin]. I did find one really great side-effect — on fast days, I felt good, and overall I felt healthier despite no weight loss. I now want to maintain the weight I am, what do you recommend I do now. Hello, I am just starting the fast diet. What is the normal or safe weight-loss to look for? I needed to lose weight, and I did something really stupid — I cut my calories too much.

I was eating calories, each day, every day. I realised what a fool I was being. I am intelligent, well educated, I have studied centenarians and nutrition. I want to live to a hundred. So, to cope mentally more than physically, four weeks ago I put myself on the 5: When I was on my low diet 0f calories daily, I stopped menstruating and felt week all the time. Now I have strength, better mental health and I expect my periods to start again soon.

I am vegan, but I get plenty of protein and all of my 5-a-day — usually over 10 — and I also get plenty of vitamins! What do you think? If I am happy doing this, might it be perfect for me to continue? There are studies that show that a deprivation diets can extend life in some cases, and intermittent fasts are a way to do it less drastically.

That might not be enough to keep basic functions working — you may need to eat more on non-fast days. As you have anorexia nervosa, be careful not to go overboard with dietary regimes — easier said than done. Fasting means not eating at all, just drinking water and cleaning your colon. Insofar the title of this book is misleading.

On the other hand, lots of followers feel better when they just reduce their calory input twice a week and pay attention to what they eat. So just think one step further: From my personal experience I give you some examples what happens after just 10 days of real fasting: Hi Penny, can you tell me if it is ok to have porridge for breakfast on the two fast days.

Does porridge contain carbs? Porridge is mostly carbs. Keep the portion size in tight control and see how you react to it on a fast day. There are breakfast ideas for fast days in the diet book and cookbook , such as cottage cheese with pear and fig, boiled egg with grapefruit or other low-sugar fruit, smoked salmon and low-fat cream cheese on Ryvita, strawberry smoothie.

I am a Muslim. I would just like to ask if this method was derived or inspired from the Sunnah way of Prophet Muhammad s. We get blessings by fasting during Mondays and Thursdays. Im not trying to prove anything with my question, Im just curious.

I have been on the 5: Dinner at 7pm, calorie breakfast, then dinner at 7pm… or , however it is best for you to split the 24 hours…. My question is if I only consume around on eat days will this negatively affect my weight loss? Also, is stevia allowable in my tea its not artificial and only has 0. Last question, my hubby wants to go onto the diet to improve his long term health and brain function.

However, he is lean cm, 58kg and loses weight easily so lucky. He had his bloodwork done recently and his general health seems to be good overall. You might be able to have milk with your food, but they seem to treat drinks as something different. The authors of the book are pretty skinny now, but they continued to include fasting days for health reasons. Just letting everyone know particular for those living in Australia that Aldi supermarkets sell a variety of potato called Kestrel which is low G.

Probably still not recommended for fast days because of the starch? I i am in to my second week i have lose 2kg per week i do monday tuseday 75grams fish tins brecky p. Maybe it is too early and I will have to wait a month for things to settle down. Or it could be fluid related. I have got a big bike ride in March of next year and I need to drop at least 10kgs. Hi, I eat a very healthy diet on non fast days.

I find it easier not to to eat at all for about 30 hours. I do this once a week to maintain my weight. Do you see any problems with this routine. Hi Darren, There are lots of different patterns that people use for fasting — if this works for you, stick with it!

The weight loss is much slower once you are getting close to your goal weight. This has been a flexible and sustainable way to lose weight. I am just wondering if there is a recommended maximum period of time to be on the 5: Hi Penny, Thanks for your hard work for our benefit.

Would like to share my thoughts. I am really amazed to know about this fasting diet system…. The month of Ramadan is manditory to fast for the whole day for the month. Our diet is also protein-veg based during the month. We start fasting having a meal early in the morning, before sunrise and break our fast during dusk just when the sun starts setting.

The most amazing thing is we muslums were taught to practice this yrs ago and science is finding out the benefits of fasting only in recent days. I kept thanking the Almighty for having these provisions for us as religious rules but is actually for the benefit of mankind. What to eat and foods to avoid. The Plan by Lyn-Genet Recitas This site rocks the Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis.

What to eat and foods to avoid by Penny Hammond on March 28, Penny Hammond April 5, , Jackie April 10, , Penny Hammond April 10, , Suzanne October 31, , 7: John Fitzgerald April 11, , 3: I have already started your fast diet. Penny Hammond April 11, , 7: Karen Thompson April 23, , 1: Penny Hammond April 23, , 5: Marylou April 24, , 8: What of exercise on fast days…? Penny Hammond April 24, , Darren April 25, , 4: Penny Hammond April 25, , 5: Mick Cameron April 27, , 4: Penny Hammond April 27, , 1: Jackie M April 28, , 1: Penny Hammond April 28, , 6: Sue April 28, , 4: Penny Hammond April 28, , 4: You should check with your doctor if you have a medical condition.

Dee Para April 29, , 9: Penny Hammond April 29, , Dee Para April 29, , 2: Bill S April 29, , 9: Theresa May 11, , Elaine deBeaux May 5, , 6: Diarmuid May 7, , 9: Penny Hammond May 7, , Liz May 7, , 5: Penny Hammond May 8, , Hope July 10, , 3: David W May 12, , 9: Penny Hammond May 12, , 5: Josie Kulp May 13, , 1: Am I NOT to drink any coffee while fasting?

Penny Hammond May 13, , 3: Hi Josie, The book says that black and sugarless coffee is okay while fasting. I drink coffee with creamer and just include as my Penny Hammond May 14, , 8: Melinda May 15, , 8: Penny Hammond May 16, , A Reader May 21, , 5: Penny Hammond May 21, , 6: Jolebon June 13, , 2: Penny Hammond June 13, , Jeppe May 23, , Hi, Does the fast days have to be the same each week?

Or can i change, if i want to? Penny Hammond May 23, , CC May 23, , 3: Penny Hammond May 24, , Tammy Bushell May 23, , 7: Jeppe May 24, , 1: CC May 24, , CC May 24, , 1: Thanks Penny, that is what I was thinking.

Sounds like a good idea. Denise May 29, , 7: Penny Hammond May 29, , 7: Penny Hammond May 31, , Your timing sounds about right. Maria May 31, , 5: Tell me if im doing this right please Monday Fast day starts at 8pm after i finish my normal Dinner Then I go to bed.

Rhia May 31, , 7: Penny Hammond June 1, , 8: Maria June 3, , 8: Hi Penny what page in the book does it explain this. Penny Hammond June 3, , PWR June 4, , 2: Richard June 14, , 7: George June 16, , 6: Penny Hammond June 17, , 3: CC June 24, , Penny Hammond June 24, , Charity June 24, , 3: Penny Hammond June 24, , 4: Charity June 24, , 9: Thank you so much for weighing in, Penny.

Kate June 30, , 5: Penny Hammond July 1, , Jan July 10, , 7: Penny Hammond July 10, , 3: Clare July 16, , 2: Hi can I fast from 4pm one day until 6pm the next. I think I find this much easier? Penny Hammond July 16, , 2: Clare July 16, , 4: Thanks, will I still get the health benefits?

Penny Hammond July 16, , 7: Jacqueline July 24, , 3: Penny Hammond July 24, , 9: Jacqueline July 24, , Hi Penny, Thank you! Hope you can help! Penny Hammond July 24, , 1: The last link is the best.

Joan Blake August 2, , 8: Penny Hammond August 2, , 3: Kimberly August 6, , You were just a failure. Imagine, though we have a classroom of pupils. Maybe he played too many video games. The problem is with the teacher. In obesity, the problem of rampant obesity means that it is very obviously not the fault of the people. The fault lies with the official dietary advice. Understanding that obesity is a hormonal disorder, not a caloric imbalance as discussed in our last post means that we must instead focus on the insulin effect rather than the number of calories to successfully lose weight.

Reducing insulin depends mostly upon 2 things:. We often think and talk about the first problem, but both are equally important in lowering insulin levels. The three different macronutrients stimulate insulin to different degrees.

Carbohydrates, particularly refined carbohydrates raise insulin the most. Protein also raises insulin significantly, although blood glucose remains stable.

Animal proteins stimulate more insulin release compared to plant proteins. Dietary fat raises neither glucose nor insulin. Most natural foods contain varying combinations of the three macronutrients and therefore raise insulin to varying degrees.

For example, refined carbohydrate rich foods like cookies have the greatest effect on raising insulin and glucose. Fat rich foods like salmon have little effect on insulin. This differing ability to stimulate insulin means that foods also differ in their fattening effect.

This is only common sense. The overlap between calories and insulin effect is what causes the confusion between the hormonal insulin hypothesis of obesity and the caloric hypothesis of obesity. To which the answer is an emphatic no. Insulin stimulating foods like glucose are more fattening than non-insulin stimulating foods like kale, even if you have the same number of calories. Certain factors increase insulin which encourages weight gain. The most important factors raising insulin are refined carbohydrates, animal proteins, and insulin resistance.

Fructose, from added sugar and fruits can directly cause fatty liver and insulin resistance. This leads the body to increase insulin secretion to compensate. Other factors decrease insulin, protecting against weight gain. Acids found in fermented foods sauerkraut, kimchee and vinegar lowers the insulin effect of foods. Animal protein causes secretion of incretin hormones that slows absorption of foods thus lowering insulin. Thus meat has both pro- and anti- insulin effects.

Fibre also has this same effect of slowing absorption and insulin effect. Thus, the main principles for lowering insulin and losing weight would include the following, as detailed in The Obesity Code. All foods can raise insulin, which leads to obesity. But there is another important contributor to high insulin levels outside of food — insulin resistance. This refers to the situation where normal insulin levels are unable to force the blood glucose into the cells.

But how did insulin resistance develop in the first place? Our body follows the biologic principle of homeostasis. If exposed to any prolonged stimulus, the body quickly develops resistance. But that same baby, in a quiet house, will wake instantly at the slightest creak of the floorboards. If you listen to loud music constantly, you will become slightly deaf.

Volume increases and you become progressively more deaf resistant to loud noise , which leads you to raise the volume again. The solution is not to keep raising the volume, but to shut it off.

Think about the story of the boy who cries wolf. Raising the alarm constantly may work at first but eventually leads to the villagers becoming resistant to the signal. The more the boy cries, the less effect it has. The solution is to stop crying wolf.

Insulin resistance is simply a reaction to too much insulin. The body compensates by raising insulin, but that only makes things worse because higher insulin levels lead to more resistance. This is a vicious cycle. The end result is higher and higher insulin levels, which then drives weight gain and obesity.

Therefore, a high insulin level depends on 2 things. Providing extended periods of low insulin levels can prevent the development of insulin resistance.

How to provide those low levels? A daily period of fasting. This may sound strange, but this is the way we used to eat. Suppose you eat breakfast at 8 am and dinner at 6 pm. You eat for 10 hours of the day and fast for 14 hours. This is the meal that breaks our fast implying that fasting is simply a part of everyday life.

The body spends roughly equal portions of every day in the fed insulin high, storing fat and the fasted state insulin low, burning fat. Because of this nice balance, weight tends to stay stable over time.

Up until the s, this was pretty standard practice and obesity was not a big issue. Somehow, we moved away from this traditional way of eating and now eat constantly. We are hounded to eat something the minute we get out of bed in the morning whether we are hungry or not, believing that eating white bread and jam is better than eating nothing at all.

We are pestered to eat throughout the day and not stop until it is time for bed. Large surveys show that most Americans eat times per day. Eating constantly does not provide the critical period of very low insulin to balance the high insulin periods. Persistently high insulin leads to insulin resistance, which leads only to higher insulin. This is the vicious cycle of weight gain that we must break with fasting. For the boy who cried wolf, which is the better strategy? Stop crying wolf for a month, and then cry loudly once, or cry wolf constantly, but a little more softly?

Similarly, to start burning body fat, you must allow prolonged periods of time of low insulin. By attacking the insulin problem on both fronts, we have a far higher chance of successfully losing weight. So are you saying to just not snack between breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Or are you suggesting skip lunch and just eat breakfast and dinner? Do these cause insulin spikes as well? Fung, Please review Dr. His results indicate that protein intake on a ketogenic diet do not affect insulin levels at all, but instead raise glucagon. The reason given is that in an already low blood sugar state, the body cannot afford to interrupt gluconeogenisis.

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