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Annie Stiefel, FBS '12 and '13 www. Grass-fed butter nutrition is even more impressive than regular butter nutrition. She peppers classes with interesting tidbits that I never heard any place else. Many cooks suggest that you balance this richness with the addition of an acidic, clarifying ingredient like lemon juice. Josh Axe is on a mission to provide you and your family with the highest quality nutrition tips and healthy recipes in the world


State of the science of endocrine disrupting chemicals - 2012

Hypothyroidism Congenital Hypothyroidism: These booklets are written for families caring for children with diabetes or other hormone conditions, as well as for health-care professionals who provide education to these families: English French Hypopituitarism Hypothyroidism Hyperthyroidism: English Chinese Childhood Growth Hormone Deficiency Brochure: Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Brochure: Constitutional Growth Delay in Children Brochure: Idiopathic Short Stature Brochure: Failure to Thrive Brochure: Small for Gestational Age Brochure: Intrauterine Growth Restriction Roche Canada: Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Brochure: Addison's Disease Owner's Manual Factsheet: When a Student has Addison's: Pituitary and brain tumor disorders The Magic Foundation Brochure: It's like a lens inside the body to help uncover 'what's going on in there' as well as presenting a new way of living.

Not only is the course amazing, but Andrea is a highly intelligent, compassionate and giving teacher. She goes above and beyond to ensure that this very complex information is presented in a way that can be easily applied for the most benefit for our clients. I cannot believe how I learned from FBS. Even though I have a master's degree in human nutrition, I found these classes offer more practical and clinical information. Every class was full of "ah-ha" moments. I have to tell you that there were several times during the live classes that I was brought to tears!

I was learning so much—it was overwhelming! Participating in Holistic Nutrition Lab not only boosted my knowledge, but my confidence, and in turn has transformed my life and my practice.

HNL was so full of ah-ha moments for me. Andrea has special super powers — she can break down a complicated topic into easy to understand nuggets like no other can. Plus, her use of storytelling ensures lessons are digestible, comprehendible and usable. I have been practicing as a Health Coach for a few years but couldn't really find my groove. Andrea's FBS course was just what I was looking for. I needed the background of how the body systems work together to make sense of nutrition.

Looking at the body and symptoms clinically gave me so much more insight. There is so much more to learn in this field and I must stay humble and open-minded in order to connect with each client, keep up with the latest science, and empower each client so that they know they are the experts on their body and I am joining them on their journey to better health.

My education through Full Body Systems has propelled me to another level and has built my confidence to take on more complex clients. Now I am able to hold a positive and educational space for them to learn how to listen to and support their body throughout their journey to wellness. The information in the HNL classes has been invaluable and I really feel they are better then some of my college classes.

The format allows for me to review over and over again with the transcripts, audios, and videos. How could I go wrong? Andrea is the impassioned teacher you never want to leave.

As her student, I was present to her loving embrace and determination that I be equipped with the critical thinking skills that gave me the confidence in my practice to successfully spread my wings and fly.

I now have a greater understanding of the miracle that is our body, and Andrea's way of taking very complicated information and presenting it in an understandable fashion is brilliant. I also love the transcripts and recordings provided, as I can go back and refer to these when I have a client that is having a specific health challenge.

The Full Body System course is changing not only my life, but the lives of my family and my clients. After graduating IIN, I felt really excited about coaching clients, but I didn't have the confidence that I'd be able to support clients with specific health issues. I now feel able to further embrace my target market and connect with them in a way where I can be a true coach and guide.

As a coach, I was looking for a 'missing link,' something that would give me a more stable foundation to work from with clients in a more professional way, and this course provided that foundation. Andrea is someone who is constantly striving to learn more, experiment and share her knowledge with others in a collaborative way that makes continuing this learning exciting. She is passionate about her work and she passes that energy on to her students. They "put the meat on the bones" of what I learned when I became a health coach.

With the complicated issues that are out there today, there is no way that I could have successfully navigated my way around. Andrea has such heart, and she delivers what she promises, and then more, and then even more after that. As a health coach, I felt I didn't know "enough". In a word, brilliant! I think Andrea is a gifted teacher as well as clinician. She has the genius of presenting complex information in a way that makes it meaningful, understandable and implementable.

A bonus to the program is the resource of the message board, where FBS-trained coaches find meaningful information, unlike other coaching portals filled with misinformation.

My confidence has increased and my practice has filled, as I'm able to meet my clients exactly where they are, and I am able to see a much broader picture for them. Andrea and her team have filled in so many gaps in my knowledge base, and I am a much better health counselor for it. I am now able to offer my clients much more comprehensive and insightful coaching, which helps improve their outcomes. Their lung health improves because they are better able to fight infections and inflammation with the improved coaching I am able to provide.

I took Andrea Nakayama's Full Body Systems course and can honestly say it was the best decision I have made for my private health coaching practice. Full Body Systems has taken my practice to a whole new level as I now feel incredibly confidant guiding my clients through various digestive, immune and endocrine health concerns.

Full Body Systems is an absolutely invaluable tool for any health care practitioner who is looking to help their clients on a deeper level by getting to the root cause of health concerns.

HNL has given me so much knowledge and the skills I've acquired through this training have really taken my practice to the next level.

This new depth in understanding gave me the confidence I needed with clients and in creating classes of my own. It allowed me to truly step into the role of educator, where I am helping clients connect the dots in terms of not only what foods and lifestyle choices will work for them but why those choices are specific to them and their physiology. I would not have the knowledge base or the confidence to run my own detox program if it weren't for all of the education and experience that I have learned by participating in Andrea's programs.

She has changed my life forever in the best way possible. When I listened to Andrea speak I was in total awe of her and what she was presenting. It was exactly what I was seeking to understand.

That was the pivotal moment for me, and I signed up for the year-long program, Full Body Systems. The more I learned and understood through FBS, the more I understood how to care for myself, and that is when my own health began to flourish I am reconnected with my body, and aware of how it is feeling and what it is asking for.

I love feeling vibrant and energized again. I feel passionate and confident as a woman and as a Health Coach and love sharing what I've learned with my clients through my practice. Learning from Andrea has been a crucial game changer for my business and my personal goals. This is the information I had always wanted to know but never thought I could learn without going to college.

It's not just the knowledge in this program that makes it so unique but Andrea's stories, insights and experiences that when bundled together make for the perfect package.

I am definitely a hands-on and very visual learner and Andrea's style of teaching and explaining the very complex and intricate workings of body systems was just what I needed to take my business to the next level. I come from a research background and often find wellness courses thrown together and rather light. I appreciate Andrea's comprehensive and well-prepared teaching style. Her discussions, handouts, and links are helpful to me when I'm learning as well as later when I help clients.

Although those things help! Andrea's Full Body Systems is a must for every aspiring health coach. Andrea makes complex physiology easy to understand and explains each body system and its maladies from a nutrition perspective.

Each well-designed "intensive" comes with lots of reading material, images and video links. The HNL staff is super-supportive and the forum community offers an additional wealth of perspective and information.

I have learned more than I expected, and it transformed my life and my practice. Holistic Nutrtion Lab has been absolutely priceless. I am very honored and grateful I found and met Andrea! FBS has grounded my life. Andrea is artist and genius educator combined. What she has created is a new model of nutritional care for everyone. Near the end of the course I found my confidence skyrocket and started talking to people in the birthing community about what I now have to share.

They want me to educate their mothers-to-be. Without effort I am seeing my business unfold. Holistic Nutrition Labs has given me the confidence to handle clients with health issues. Through Andrea's program, I gained a much deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology than I had before I started. Andrea is witty, interesting, and incredibly smart about how the body works. She peppers classes with interesting tidbits that I never heard any place else.

I know that the time and money spent on the program were a great investment for my practice. Andrea's Holistic Nutrition Lab filled in the gaps and really rounded out my nutritional training. It has given me the confidence to work with clients that have chronic conditions like Fibromyalgia, Hashimotos and whatever else comes up I am able to work with them and meet them where they are to discover how we can work together to realize their full potential and health.

It's amazing what and how you learn in HNL This program is a gift, it towers above any other nutritional training that I've taken! Going through each system of the body really made me look at my own health and body in a completely different way. When you can really begin to understand the why, you will be so much more successful at applying the what and how.

I also was able to provide my clients with a greater understanding of their own bodies and health and offer them solutions and options that have most definitely resulted in positive changes for them. Holistic Nutrition Lab has enabled me to take my nutrition counseling skills above and beyond what I ever could have dreamed of.

Holistic Nutrition Lab is the best education and I am so thankful that I get to be apart of it each step of the way! Taking this course has transformed my business by elevating my confidence dramatically.

It has enabled me to take on clients I would have never felt I could, and get amazing results. I am blown away by how easy Andrea makes complex information "digestible"and how much I learn about my body and brain connection and the food I eat. Andrea is one of the "secret tools" i keep in my tool belt for health!!! Andrea truly wants everyone to "get it" and apply the knowledge she is passing along to our lives and spread the word to others. I know that I will be studying with Andrea for many years to come.

Andrea has a unique ability to take the complicated and make it easy to understand and applicable to my daily practice. As a result, I am partnering confidently with medical practitioners, taking on more clients, and seeing real results. Andrea and HNL is one of my go to learning places. If you want to take your practice to next level of excellence you don't want to pass this opportunity up.

The Digestive Intensive rekindled my excitement and confidence as a health coach. I could not be more excited to be a part of this community and the ongoing amazing experience!

Each class helped me connect the dots for myself and my clients. It really helps to understand the WHYs. It helped me and my clients! Each week, Andrea took scientific principles about human physiology and broke them down into simple steps - discussing concepts that, for someone such as myself who does not have a medical background and has never taken a huge interest in science -surprisingly unleashed the science nerd within!

That would be my biggest moment of revelation for sure, especially since I couldn't wait to learn more from one week to the next. I came into FBS as a certified health coach with a Paramedic and fitness background, so I knew my science.

I was excited to see how science could merge with food. She brings in the tough scientific concepts that I geek out over and transformed it into easy-to-understand content and practical application strategies that we could use with clients right away. I'm hard-pressed to imagine the kind of nutrition coach I would be without Andrea, her well-stocked FBS program and the resultant information marinating in my brain cells.

This investment paid for itself ten-fold as I now am able partner with functional doctors who send me referrals that I wouldn't have been able to help without the knowledge I gained in FBS. Andrea is probably one of the brightest and most generous teachers available to us in the world of functional nutrition. In fact, I would say, she is defining player in what it means to work with clients and patients within a functional approach to nutrition.

The information that Andrea teaches is comprehensive, detailed and informative but also taught in a way that is understandable.

I've gained such a depth of understanding about physiology and the way the human body works that I feel like I''ve been in a short version of medical school. Full Body Systems is an absolutely invaluable tool; I now have so many resources at my fingertips and it's great knowing not just Andrea, but the whole team has your back!

Andrea Nakayama and Full Body Systems prepares us to be more effective in our goals to improve ourselves, serve our communities, and coach others who seek true wellness. HNL is by far the best online learning experience I've ever had. I feel fully equipped with a framework of functional nutrition to find root causes on behalf of my clients and their health goals.

Holistic Nutrition Lab was the best decision that I made towards my career and education in the nutrition and health field. Andrea is able to take complicated scientific nutritional information and explain it in an easy to understand format.

Having a deep understanding of food and physiology and how those two come together, using the tools that Andrea teaches, and listening deeply to our clients is truly the way we dochange! Admittedly, I was on the fence about signing-up for HNL. There are so many trainings and certifications offered for health coaches. Plus, as a mentor coach for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I see so many new coaches paralyze themselves under the guise of one more training until they're "enough.

This step-by-step Primer introduces you to 3 Tiers of Client Care so that you can crack complex cases and become the go-to practitioner in your community. Full Body Systems is an absolutely invaluable tool for any healthcare practitioner who is looking to help their clients on a deeper level by getting to the root cause of health concerns.

Within a month of having taken the Digestive intensive, I had attracted new clients and was able to help them so much more effectively. I can sum up Andrea and her FBS program in one word My first ah-ha came in the very first module on digestion.

I studied for 5 year to become a naturopathic practitioner but I wasn't able to bring results to the growing stream of people with chronic conditions. After one month in FBS my practice started picking up because I got better results! The information provided is fundamental to any holistic practice and is presented in a way that a layperson can digest. There are priceless little gems included in this offering and what a student receives goes way beyond the cost of this course.

Want to know more about Functional Nutrition Lab? It's amazing what and how you learn in FNL. I find Andrea to be unique in how she teaches, explaining the underlying biology for health conditions and how to be a detective for your client's underlying condition so that they can heal. I have gained so much confidence as a health coach. Andrea presented the course with such clear explanations and diagrams of the many areas involved in the human digestive system. I loved being part of a large community of like-minded people to be able to hear and listen to various points of view.

And, that, to me, was very comforting as I revered her knowledge on this subject. You can make an investment that is comfortable for you and you come away with way more than you can ever imagine.

Who is Andrea Nakayama? Discover more about her here! One of my go-to learning places. If you want to take your practice to the next level of excellence, you don't want to pass this opportunity up. Andrea's straightforward and easy to follow teaching style has really transformed my life and my practice.

Not only has my confidence increased ten-fold, it has also expanded my vision for how I can best serve my clients. I always knew that healing your body needs to be about so much more than diet alone — encompassing lifestyle and environmental concerns, along with cleaning up your diet. Andrea's teachings gave me the tools and the information I needed, to in turn give my clients exactly what they need.

Andrea's expertise has helped me reach a new level of understanding what's going on with my clients' health. This new depth in understanding gave me the confidence I needed with clients. In addition, the community on the message board was invaluable.

Being able to not only interact with Andrea and her nutritionists, but the other participants, made it feel like a real community of learners.

FNL has given me so much knowledge. The skills I've acquired through this training have really taken my practice to the next level. Full Body Systems has grounded my life. I was swimming in a soup of ideas and business niches after getting my CHC. I was stuck in confusion, and I knew I had to take this valuable course. The combination of the live online classes, expert guest interviews, the message board for asking every question possible that didn't get answered in class!

Andrea's generosity is beyond measure — her time, materials, and mostly how present she is with each of us. And what an amazing community to be a part of! Full Body Systems has been a truly transformative experience! This course is not just more information, it's beyond that. Andrea is a highly intelligent, compassionate and giving teacher. This course has been one of the best investments I have ever made and I would highly recommend it.

I now feel able to embrace my target market and connect with them in a way where I can be a true coach and guide. Andrea is constantly striving to learn more, experiment and share her knowledge with others in a collaborative way that makes continuing this learning exciting.

She is passionate about her work and she passes this energy on to her students. She is a gifted teacher who makes complicated Health Science concepts easy to assimilate. I jumped at the chance to participate in Full Body Systems and learn from Andrea. She really gets the challenges our clients are faced with and how to approach them.

My confidence in my abilities as a practitioner has skyrocketed! Full Body Systems gives me the scientific edge and confidence to "figure it out" when applying whole food nutrition to human physiology.

It's not just about getting more greens, exercise and meditation. After graduating IIN, I was very excited about coaching clients — but didn't have the confidence that I'd be able to support clients with specific health issues.

Andrea teaches in a style that makes it easy to grasp complex scenarios. I regularly refer back to the done-for-you protocols and the message boards when working with clients and creating presentations. This is the piece of the puzzle that gave me the education to go out there and coach with confidence! Digestive Intensive was one of the best investments I made in my business.

Have some more questions you'd like answered? Check out our FAQ page for more info. Finally, someone that speaks my language—who wants to talk about why things happen in the body.

This was the training that I thought I should have gotten in my initial health coach training.

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