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Gumbo a la Tête de Cochon. The effort, called "Frozen. This day pass includes use of our facilities, one tube ride each and lunch. Indian Fusion uses a traditional Tandoor clay oven to prepare all of our oven baked dishes. Tandoori Chicken Half The ultimate way to enjoy gyro. Although prepared frozen meals are more expensive than home-cooked foods, they are significantly more affordable than eating out.

Authentic Thai food on Spokane's South Hill

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Total calorie counts range between and calories depending upon the meal. You can prepare these meals in your microwave at home or at the office and be ready to eat in less than five minutes in most cases.

Although prepared frozen meals are more expensive than home-cooked foods, they are significantly more affordable than eating out. Lean Cuisine offers traditional frozen entrees, larger dinnertime selections and specialty spa meals, as well as panini sandwiches, quesadillas and pizzas.

Healthy Choice offers entrees, complete meals with vegetables and desserts, all-natural selections and steamers that use innovative cooking techniques, as well as soups and shelf-stable meals. Both companies offer some ethnic selections, including Mexican- and Asian-inspired dishes. You can also find more traditional favorites, like pasta with Alfredo sauce, meatloaf and macaroni and cheese, in these diet meal brands.

Both Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine are including more whole grains in their products. Lean Cuisine Spa Selections include whole grains such as whole-wheat pilaf and have five to six grams of fiber, reports LeanCuisine. Some Healthy Choice meals have as much as 12 grams of fiber and 24 grams of whole grains. A popular soup of India. A Vegetarian choice to a Tandoor meal.

From the Konkan coast. From the Coromandel Coast. From the State of Maharashtra. Lamb cooked in a hot sour tangy curry sauce with potatoes. Very popular in England. Lamb cooked with onions and spices, sweetened with apricots and topped with crunchy potatoes.

A Tamil Nadu Classic preparation. From the North Western Frontier. Very popular in Muslim and Parsi weddings. Prices are subject to change. Degree of Spices can vary according to your taste. A teaspoon of crushed seeds adds a superb flavor to pastry mixes, ice cream, custards, and fruity sweet dishes remove before serving. Also great in tea, coffee, and mulled wine. Cooling to the body, for bad breath, bronchitis, asthma, incontinency, as an aphrodisiac, and in digestive disorders, like indigestion, gas, cramps, helps make other herbs palatable.

Tips For Cooking and Storing: Store in airtight containers, inferior cardamom has a stronger taste. Buy whole pods and crush with a rolling pin before cooking. Relishes, tomato soups, stews, curries especially if roasted , and often used in toothpastes and mouthwashes. Useful for digestive complaints, such as gas, bloating, colic, nausea, and indigestion. Also for coughs and respiratory ailments. Aniseed has a strong licorice flavor.

It is better to buy the whole seeds that retain flavor longer. Store in airtight containers. In place of pepper with rice, stuffed vegetables, relishes, cordials, liqueurs, roasts and mixed with yogurt. Similar to caraway and anise, relieves flatulence and bloating, and stimulates digestion, relaxes the gut, useful for insomnia, colds and fevers.

Also stimulates milk flow. To enhance the flavor, roast whole cumin seeds and then grind them with a mortar and pestle. The pleasant aroma will fill your kitchen. Flavor chutneys, curries, breads, sprout and added to salads, ground seeds have a slight maple flavor.

Stimulates milk flow in mothers, soothes sore throats and bronchitis and clears mucus. Soaked and eaten like beans in Africa. The seeds contain vitamins, iron, and minerals, and yield a yellow dye. Combines well with sweet dishes such as ice cream, ginger cookies and cakes, and desserts.

Warming effect that is Stimulating to circulation, induces perspiration, and gastric secretions. Useful in many conditions. For more information, read Ginger by Paul Schulick. Soak in brandy or sherry to lengthen shelf life and add liquid to cooking. Try crystallized ginger a tasty medicinal treat!.

Blends easily with other flavors, cook with the flavored oil or add just before serving Medicinal Uses: Store in tight jars, and only grind lightly for recipes.

Fry seeds in a hot oil to make a flavored oil. Combines well with peppered steak, Caeser salad, soups, casseroles, and most non-sweet dishes. Also, vinaigrettes, and soft cheeses, try adding to straw- berries with a sparkling balsamic vinaigrette. Stimulant to digestive and circulatory systems. It is antiseptic and antibacterial, warms the body, and reduces gas, bloating, tooth- ache, stomachache, and lack of appetite.

Best ground in a pepper mill, since it quickly loses its flavor. White pepper is hotter than black, and not so aromatic. Color rice dishes, sauces, and soups. Important ingredient in Spanish paella. Also in cream cheese, fish sauce, scrambled eggs, risotto, and added to mayonnaise. In Chinese herbal medicine it is still used to treat painful obstructions of the chest,to stimulate menstruation, and relieve abdominal pain. The threads are the purest saffron. Food was delicious and very tasty!!!!!

The service was very extra ordinary and friendly. I will definitely suggest my friends and family to go have dinner at Kolam. I love to eat at Kolam. Your food is wonderfully flavorful and your service is outstanding! Best Indian Food in Fairfield County! Katherine Newtown I have eaten at Kolam many times and have never been disappointed!! I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants a truly authentic Indian dining experience.

The tandoori chicken is addictive, really enjoyed its flavor. Its a nice casual place to get some good Indian food. The flavors can be as mild or exotic as you like so its good for people who arent used to Indian food.

I've never had bad customer service here either, even when I had a complaint about the food was nothing major. Its a good place to go to when you are wanting something different. We had the buffet, awesome!!! The staff was beyond friendly. The whole experience was by far, the best experience I have had at a restaurant in ages. Had brunch at my fav: Kolam recently, it was truly a treat! All of our salads at Shish Palace are made with the freshest, crispest ingredients and our own signature dressings, then tossed by hand to your order.

Every culture has a soup that is considered a tonic and there is no exception for the Mediterranean Soup. It's healing power is uncertain but it certainly tastes great! One of the only reasons I'm sad about moving from Rochester to Auburn Hills.

They have AMAZING fire-baked pita bread, chewy and fluffy all at once, their hummus is so tasty it has a light, fluffy texture and tons of flavor. I've had a lot of the dishes and have no complaints this place is awesome. Best restaurant that I've been to in a long time. The people who work and own this place are friendly, and very proud of their food and service. We ate way too much because we wanted to try everything.

I strongly recommend it. Our food is sourced from top quality seasonal ingredients. Our menu offers a mix of our famous Lebanese signature dishes.

We consider Shish Palace to be a truly "Mediterranean" restaurant honouring our cooking traditions and interpreting them with our unique creative cooking vision. Shish Palace was a dream of 3 former La Shish employees, when closed we started planning our ideal eatery, capitalising upon our experience. Thank you for being the biggest and most important part of what keeps our dreams alive!

Rochester Hills, MI Welcome to Shish Palace. Int erior Ext erior Fo od. Delicious Food We Serve. Tabbouli Parsley, tomato, scallions, cracked wheat, olive oil and fresh lemon. Rice Almond Salad Fresh salad with ricepilaf topped with toosted slivered almonds.

Spinach Fattoosh A large spinach salad mixed with toasted pita bread. Spinach Fattoosh Feta Salad Spinach salad mixed with toasted pita bread and feta cheese. Salmon Salad Salmon with your choice of fattoosh or spinach salad. Spinach Tawook Salad Spinach salad topped with chargrilled breast of chicken. Spinach Turkey Salad Spinach salad topped with sliced smoked turkey breast.

Lamb Shawarma Salad Marinated charbroiled lamb on fresh salad greens. Caesar Tawook Salad Fresh ceaser salad topped with chargrilled chicken breast. Village Salad Fresh Tomatoes, onions and cucumbers no lettuce. Chicken Shawarma Salad Fresh salad greens topped with marinated charbroiled chicken.

Fattoosh A large fresh salad mixed with toasted pita bread. Fattoosh Feta Salad A large fresh salad tossed with toasted pita bread and feta cheese. Fattoosh Tawook Salad Large salad mixed with toasted pita and topped with chargrilled chicken breast. Fattoosh Turkey Salad Large salad tossed with sliced smoked turkey breast. Soups Every culture has a soup that is considered a tonic and there is no exception for the Mediterranean Soup.

Soup of the day. Available in Quarts for carryout. Chicken Saute Tender pieces of chicken breast sautéed with cilantro, garlic, and our light lemon-oregano sauce. Sojok A flavourful, quality lamb and beef sausage, sautéed and served with lemon. Maqaniq Quality lamb sausage links sautéed and served with lemon. Baba Ghannooj Chargrilled eggplant blended with tahini, lemon and garlic. Starter Combo Hummus, baba ghannooj and tabbouli. Stuffed Grape Leaves Lamb.

Stuffed Grape Leaves vegetarian. Kibbee Nayee Raw Daily fresh, lean cut of lamb, finely ground and mixed raw with cracked wheat, natural herbs and spices. Add a splash of olive oil and enjoy. Tomato Kibbee Daily fresh, flnely ground and mixed with cracked wheat, natural herbs and spices.

Fried Kibbee Little football-shaped kibbee shells stuffed with sauteed ground lamb, sauteed onions, special herbs and spices. Falafel Plate All-vegetable patties made of fava beans, chickpeas, onions, parsley, cilantro and special spices, fried in vegetable oil, and served with tahini sauce, tomato, and pickles. Hummus Chickpeas pureed with tahini sauce, lemon juice and a hint of fresh garlic. Add a little olive oil and enjoy. Hummus with Sautéed Pine Nuts. Hummus with Veggies A generous mix of fresh veggies served with hummus for dipping.

Hummus with Lamb Tender lamb tips sautéed with special herbs and topped with toasted pine nuts on hummus. Hummus with Chicken Tender tips of chicken breast sautéed with cilantro, fresh garlic and a dash of lemon juice; all served on hummus.