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You get touch controls to adjust sound and light levels, a night light and motion sensors that raise the light levels when someone stands in front of it. Then get ready to love Jim Knighthorse, wise guy private eye with a heart of gold. Read reviews that mention mystery dying rain main detective death murder aids ending cancer numi sad kept jimmy solve friendship page repetitive brother killer. Tink comes and helps Iridessa with ideas. Details Customers who viewed this item also viewed Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 This shopping feature will continue to load items. Toyota's e-Palette concept vehicle The e-Palette is Toyota's new, modular transportation platform that looks inspired by both shipping container and toaster.

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It's a killer feature that was rumored for both the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 -- neither of which had it. We're clinging to the hope that it finds its way onto the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S9.

Kino-mo's Hypervsn Wall is getting a lot of attention here in Las Vegas. Made up of multiple propeller-looking modules adorned with programmable LEDs, the Wall creates holographic images up to 3 meters in size. Toto's marble-covered bathtub has lots of integrated tech -- but what separates it from the rest is its ability to simulate the feeling of floating in space.

A series of integrated jets lift your feet off the floor of the tub and the surrounding LED lights add the perfect interstellar ambiance. Razor, renowned maker of scooters, has developed yet another way to test the patience of parents.

The company's new Turbo Jetts motorized heel wheels go up to 10 mph. The removable battery, which will give you 2 to 4 hours of peace while it charges, delivers about 30 minutes of motorized wheel time. The device can be adjusted to fit both kids size 12 and up and, when the inevitable "time out" is served, adults up to adult size Sony's groundbreaking robot dog is back with some new tricks. Equipped with an artificial intelligence boost for , Aibo can now recognize and respond to multiple family members.

And with its wireless cloud connectivity, it can store and process everything that it learns from living with you. The all-electric FF91 Future, shown here in the Stealth Combat finish, looks seriously cool, is autonomous-ready and, according to Faraday, goes from 0 to 60 in 2.

Though there's no word on price yet, Faraday says the FF91 will hit customer driveways later this year. Sure, it's a prototype, but it works -- literally. The Aeolus robot can clean your house, pick up after you and keep an eye on things while you're away. Merge has given it six-degree-of-freedom 6DoF tracking, which phone-connected rival headsets have a hard time with. You can walk around with it, duck and aim quickly.

Fun, and surely a sign that there are more AR toys to come. Say goodbye to cable. It's available for preorder now. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich used his keynote to show off the Volocopter, an autonomous passenger drone, which he called "essentially a flying car.

It may look like your average laptop, but there's no Intel inside. Instead, there's a slot where the touchpad would normally be for you to dock Razer's own Android-powered phone. Now you've got a Frankenstein's monster with the phone as the brain -- serving up its processor, operating system and apps -- in the body of a Blade Stealth laptop. Batteries aren't included or even necessary here.

That's because Razer's new wireless gaming mouse pulls its power directly from its mousepad. So the new Mamba is a few ounces lighter than its predecessors, but it still has Chroma accent lights that you can control from your PC.

Have you ever wanted a gigantic Jumbotron for your own home? The new model, called The Wall, measures a mind-blowing inches. HTC is upping its virtual reality game. The new Vive Pro will offer enhanced resolution, integrated headphones and, perhaps most important, a new wireless adaptor that will let you finally roam virtual worlds untethered.

Nanoleaf has unveiled a new square-shaped variation of its light panels. Now you can turn the panels on and off, dim them up and down, or change their color just by tapping on them. Yes, of course, there's also a music sync microphone and motion sensor capable of lighting the panels up whenever you walk by. The e-Palette is Toyota's new, modular transportation platform that looks inspired by both shipping container and toaster.

It comes in three sizes ranging from 4 meters about 13 feet to approximately 7 meters around 23 feet and is designed to be flexible and reconfigurable to accommodate the needs of Toyota's partners on the project, which include Amazon, Pizza Hut, Uber and others. Hauling your luggage around an airport is very We are now in , however, and this year we finally get a chance to buy a hands-free, autonomous carry-on suitcase that will follow you anywhere at a max speed of 7 mph 11 kph.

Maker ForwardX plans to launch the luggage sometime later this year, but hasn't announced pricing. The projector itself has built-in speakers and Hisense includes a wireless subwoofer, too. Sony's new ultra-short-throw projector looks like a stylish credenza, with an artificial marble top and half-mirror aluminum frame and wooden shelf.

Built into the top, however, is a projector that can create a inch image with 4K resolution. Sony has also integrated organic glass speakers, a subwoofer and three midrange speakers.

The monstrous inch XF sticks with its predecessor's full-array local dimming LED backlight and adds Dolby Vision high dynamic range compatibility. The makeup master has developed a battery-free wearable that measures UV exposure. At only 2mm thick and 9mm in diameter, the tiny electronic sensor can be worn on a fingernail or pair of sunglasses and, via an app, will give you warnings about sun exposure.

It's available exclusively through dermatologists in with a global launch planned for Imagine it at the foot of your four-poster bed or the end of your luxury bath. We can dream that this futuristic boob tube will hit the market soon, but LG hasn't announced pricing or availability, let alone an explanation of how the thing actually works. Sony's highest-end Xperia features a wide angle camera that can shoot degree photos at 8 megapixels as well as megapixel standard-angle photos.

Plus, a fingerprint sensor on the back. The phone will sell in select countries starting in late January, and pricing has not yet been announced. If you're looking for the perfect mobile accessory for your retro '90s outfit, the Gemini clamshell is for you. Pure throwback on the outside, but all business on the inside with a core processor, 64GB of storage and 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

It's not yet in stores, but you can preorder via Indiegogo. Brush teeth, kill monsters, prevent cavities. Wait, go back one. And this inch behemoth will blow your eyes out of your head with its 7,x4,pixel resolution -- four times that of your now-middling 4K set and 16 times more than a pitiable standard full-HD TV.

You'll still have to wait for actual 8K things to watch, however. Equipped with a kW e-motor, Hyundai estimates the Nexo's prototype fuel cell powertrain, bolstered by three bar hydrogen tanks and a 1. Plus, the only emission it leaves behind is water vapor. We drove one here to Vegas -- hit the Read More link to find out more.

Google Glass is gone. Into the void steps Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant, hitching a ride aboard the Vuzix Blade smart glasses.

Vuzix has embedded a camera, microphone and side-mounted touchpad in this chunky but pretty normal-looking pair of sunglasses, which takes phone calls and puts Alexa's giant brain between your ears. Every CES there's a competition over who has the skinniest device. This year, thinnest laptop award goes to the Acer Swift 7 -- at 8. Garmin could leave Apple in the dust with this one. The Forerunner music watch, with storage for songs, also supports GPS, Garmin Pay and has physical buttons instead of a touchscreen -- which may be preferable for those on the move.

To hike your odds of hitting , focus on what you can do, like loading up on fruits and veggies add five years , working out five days a week add two to four years , and cutting down on stress may add up to six years. Go ahead and get away from it all! Try to get your 7 to 8 hours a night. You'll also burn about calories. Lose 5 lbs in 5 days Can't zip up your party dress? Eat like a star. This five-day plan from nutrition coach Jackie Keller who's helped Katherine Heigl, below, Anna Paquin, and other celebs slim down includes lean protein plus fruit, dairy, fiber, and whole grains.

It's OK to swap lunch and dinner, but eat these foods every day and add your favorite daily exercise. Fight flab with yoga A new study suggests that yoga boosts your body awareness, and that can help you eat less. Because of the harsh winter climate, warm fairies aren't allowed to cross the border that separates the Winter Woods and the rest of Pixie Hollow.

After they depart, Tink tells her friends about how her wings sparkled and glowed when she crossed the border. Like the others, Iridessa believes it was just the light from the sun, but Tink feels the Winter Woods was calling her.

Later that night, Clank gathers Iridessa and the others, who learn that Tinker Bell crossed the border again and met her sister Periwinkle, a frost-talent fairy. Tink plans on creating a snow making machine that will allow Peri to get a tour of Pixie Hollow. Iridessa helps out and the following day, Periwinkle is taken on a breathtaking tour. Iridessa shows Periwinkle her ability to create rainbows, which puts Peri into awe. However, the hot climate begins to destroy Periwinkle's wings, forcing the frost fairy to return home.

The next day, the snow maker machine goes out of control, so Iridessa and the other evacuate the fairies and animals to the warmth of shelters. Periwinkle and the frost fairies are able to save the Pixie Dust Tree by preserving it, however, thus saving Pixie Hollow and the Winter Woods. Finally, Queen Clarion and Lord Milori allow Tinker Bell and Periwinkle to see each other, as well as allowing warm fairies to cross the border.

Iridessa appeared in the The Pirate Fairy , where she and her friends magically swapped talents because of the multi-colored dust that Zarina experimented with and made. Iridessa became a garden fairy. At the beginning of Vidia and the Fairy Crown , Iridessa talks briefly when Queen Clarion asks everyone if they have seen her crown. Iridessa is seen briefly in Fira and the Full Moon when all the light-talents eat together. Then again at the arrival of the triplets, Sparkle, Helios, and Glory.

She then showed him a light show with sparkles of every color. She is seen again at the end having been worried about Tink, and happy to see her. In Iridessa, Lost at Sea , she is attacked by an owl and then appointed by Queen Clarion to find a way to get rid of it.

Tink comes and helps Iridessa with ideas. They have a fight about what they should do, Tink goes to find a bottle and Iridessa goes after her. They accidentally get trapped in the bottle and thrown off the ship.

They encounter several creatures along the way including a sea turtle, the mermaids Numi and Oola, then a colorful crab. They made a boat out of the bottle than washed along the shore when Beck found them and helped them back to Pixie Hollow. The light-talents then helped put sunbeams in the bottle to scare away the owl. They put the bottle in this nest forcing him to leave.

In the television special, Iridessa represents the light-talent fairies and takes the position of team captain with Lumina as her team partner.

During the teacup challenge, Iridessa sparks too much pixie dust on her teacup that both Iridessa, Lumina and the teacup fly on top of the cave, causing them to get eliminated from the competition. Iridessa is currently available for meet-and-greets at Disneyland 's Pixie Hollow.

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