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Nutrisystem Week 25: What a difference 25 weeks makes! Progress Photo Update! #NSNation #spon
So, here I go! I often skip meals and settle for convenience foods or fast foods at the end of the day to fill my hunger. This includes things like potatoes, corn, peas, etc. That means I lost a total of There is no way that what is given per meal is going to fill me up, but it isn't suppose to!

What You Can Eat and What You Can't

Nutrisystem Smart Carbs & Power Fuels, & Free Foods List

Need a sweet fix? Craving crunchy, salty things? Eaten everything for the day,but need to nosh? I would truly lay awake in bed and wonder how I let it get this bad, and convince myself that tomorrow would be the day — but the vicious cycle would just repeat.

I had three kids, all 2 years apart. I had either been pregnant or breastfeeding since SIX years of renting my body out to my kids. All of those years brought me here.

I had been heavier than this, too! My highest recorded weight was The day I started Nutrisystem, this is what I looked like:. I took that picture and was just so sad that this is where I was. Want to know the truth? I was wearing yoga pants because my jeans were uncomfortably tight.

I wore yoga pants pretty much daily because of it. I knew that if I stuck to it, I could do it. Nutrisystem gave me the tools I needed to be successful, and I was ready. I had had enough. I was ready for the weight to come off.

Then I lost even more. This photo really jolted me into the realization that I was really, truly doing it. Those sideways shots speak louder than words.

I was morphing and shrinking before my eyes. I took these pictures this morning, and I just feel so many different emotions. Shock, pride, disbelief, and motivation to keep going. This, my friends, is what I look like after losing It taught me to appreciate food instead of abuse it.

I am trying their product on my own in hopes it addresses some needs I have. Specifically, I need a fast and easy way to learn how to eat properly. My job is very busy and high stress. I often skip meals and settle for convenience foods or fast foods at the end of the day to fill my hunger. I rarely eat breakfast because I get up and go, go, go. Nutrisystem NS is a low GI plan where meals are ready made for you and shipped once a month. While that sounds like a lot of money especially since I still have to add my own fresh foods, it isn't really.

I was spending a lot more than that on the convenience of fast foods. I still grimaced when I paid the bill hoping I wasn't wasting my money. When the box came, I opened it and counted my meals immediately since I had read on the NS message boards that sometimes the counts are off. I had 28 protein shakes, a shaker bottle, 28 breakfast entrees, 28 lunches, 28 dinners, and 28 snacks skillfully arranged inside a big box with three pull out levels.

All of my meals are shelf stable and many use oxygen reducing packaging to keep items fresh. Also included was a plan program book and meal planner. That doesn't even cover the tip for a restaurant meal. The size of the "meals" is small compared to what I am use to. Portion control is one thing I am hoping to take away from the plan.

There is no way that what is given per meal is going to fill me up, but it isn't suppose to! I need to eat more fresh foods. The perk of this is that when I am ravenous, I can go grab a ready to go meal, eat that, and then work on the other meal components.

I am hoping this helps control that impulsive eating I have done in the past. Some of the meal pictures on the label do not look that appetizing either. While perusing their site when I was waiting for my shipment to arrive, I noticed they have a section where you can enter the meal and it will give you ideas that stay within the program limits of ways to perk up the NS shelf stable meal with your added fresh foods.

I am going to be eating six times a day which is also different. Before, I would eat once or twice a day, mostly in the evening. This is going to be a hard thing to change, but hopefully the convenience will help me. For breakfast NS wants me to eat: For the morning snack, I am supose to eat a PowerFuel choice from their list.

For the afternoon snack, I get one SmartCarb. The plan calls for 8 8 ounce glasses of water. Three ten minute exercise sessions and at least 4 cups of servings of low carb vegetables.

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